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Peninsula Hot Springs - Victoria, Australia


Peninsula Hot Springs is pre-positioned as a natural geothermal mineral springs and day spa right in the heart of Mornington Peninsula with its location less than 90 minutes from the heart of Melbourne City. The facility offers a comprehensive enclave, enveloping a series of hot mineral water that flows from deep underground into the pools and private baths, with 70 differing bathing and wellness concepts sprawled over 2 distinct areas.

Being Victoria’s first natural mineral hot springs, these 70 globally wellness experiences offerings a plethora of differing facilities and amenities, including day spa centre, dining facilities, glamping accommodation suites, signature wellness workshops, set within a natural and native coastal oasis setting in Victoria.


Peninsula Hot Springs was founded by brothers Charles and Richard Davidson in 1997; the inspiration for the project began when Charles visited several hot springs while living in Japan in 1992. This sparked several years of touring and studying hot springs around the world. In 1996 Charles was informed through a chance conversation that hot geothermal water had been discovered on the Mornington Peninsula in 1979; in 1997 the two brothers formed a partnership and they bought the 42 acre site on which Peninsula Hot Springs now stands.

The Stage One Spa Dreaming Centre facility was opened in June 2005 and in December 2009, the second stage Bath House centre opened, vastly increasing the number of bathing experiences on offer and providing an area for families. Bathing experiences have since continued to increase with the addition of a Turkish steam bath (Hamann), reflexology walk, sauna, cave pool, massaging thermal showers, 360 degree view Hilltop pool. Bharat Mitra and Bhavani Lev, owners and founders of Organic India joined Charles Davidson to continue the develop and evolve Peninsula Hot Springs into a world-leader in the spa, wellness and hot springs industries.

Suite of Bathing and Spa-Wellness Experiences

The Bath House The Bath House is a social bathing experience open to all ages and is perfect for groups, friends and extended families, with over. 50 globally inspired bathing experiences. Their iconic Hilltop Pool showcases a stunning 360-degree view of the Mornington Peninsula region. The Bath House Amphitheatre includes a Fire & Ice experience, seven hot springs pools, wellness centre and studio, and we truly loved this amenity when we visited the place as a group. The Bath House café is fully licensed and offers breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. Peninsula Hot Springs’ most recent Bath House offering is the Food Bowl; a three-acre kitchen garden containing two glass houses, floating stage and extensive pathways.

Spa dreaming centre At the Spa Dreaming Centre, the emphasis is on serene spaces for guests 16 years and over and most suited to couples, pairs or smaller groups. Unwind with more tranquil pools, private pools and pavilions and pampering spa treatments. Bath House bathing is included with all Spa Dreaming Centre bathing experiences. The Spa Dreaming Centre dining room offers breakfast, lunch and dinner daily, and offers a range of seasonal meal options. The Tea Tree Lounge relaxation space provides Spa Dreaming Centre guests with a sanctuary for relaxation between bathes.

The Bathing Experience

Having gotten used to the cool-cold weather during the winter of Victoria, it was drizzling on the day we got to Peninsula Hot Springs, so without further ado, we went straight on to check out the bathing experience, and it was simply heart-warming to have a super warm-hot dip right in the heart of winter, and in the middle of Mornington Peninsula, in this bushland-inspired setting with all the components of a Victorian "onsen" experience, and whilst there were families, couples and tourists along with locals all wanting to experience this awesome mineral springs, we carved our own own private space to enjoy 90 minutes of full bliss within the super hot spring dip - it truly is the highlight of our Victorian-Australian trip; highly recommended, especially in winter or autumn!

Minerals and their Benefits

Peninsula Hot Springs has over 30 globally inspired bathing experiences that deliver wondrous health benefits to both the body and the mind, and is classified as a ‘true mineral spring’, with dissolved solids measuring over 3500 parts per million (PPM), based on an assessment conducted by the Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences in New Zealand.

Peninsula Hot Springs are sodium chloride bicarbonate hot springs, with a PH level of 6.8. The alkalinity is primarily the result of potassium, calcium, magnesium and sodium ions. Bathing in bicarbonate water assists in the opening of peripheral blood vessels, improvement of circulation to the body’s extremities and can help address hypertension and mild atherosclerosis. Mineral springs that are naturally rich in chlorides, in amounts between 0.5% to 3%, are considered by some researchers to be beneficial for rheumatic conditions, arthritis, central nervous system conditions, post traumatic and postoperative disorders. Peninsula Hot Springs contain 1432 parts per million (PPM) chloride content.

Peninsula Hot Springs,

140 Springs Lane, Fingal, Victoria, Australia 3939

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