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“PORTRAIT” refers to the Brand Ambassadors and Models that they have been forged over the decade - a trust between both talents and clienteles. That is the symbol of PORTRAIT.

2 Signifies the unity of the founders of the company: Pan & Eunice.

Amassing more that 10 years of experience in the Food & Beverage and Hospitality industry which makes them the perfect combination to manage all your events

The most important part of the business – “MIX”.


Cocktail Mixology is no doubt an art form, one that creates wonders and making the different for every functions.

Portrait 2 Mix combines Cocktail Catering and Talent Management into a one stop service for functions such as media launch, wedding reception, private parties and corporate events.


With their award winning Mixologist as the brainchild of all our cocktail/mocktail creations, it will definitely amaze your taste bud.  Their stunning and knowledgeable Talent will galvanize your events and impress your guest throughout.

Portrait 2 Mix offers a wide range of events consultancy, bespoke cocktail, talents and brand ambassadors.

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