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Swanky Travel are a cohort of Passionate travel specialists who create unique private tailor-made tours to inspiring locations full of adventure and new experience.  The goal is to to provoke all of the senses by introducing the beauty of Balkan region with a special aim on Croatia, guaranteeing a true local experience.

·  Experience the history and nature! 

·  Learn the language and tradition! 

·  Jump into an adventure! 

·  Explore the unknown and forgotten! 

·  Taste the food and wine! 

·  Meet the locals and make friends!


ADDRESS: Ilica 50, Zagreb


The hostel amenities (24/7 reception, different types of accommodation, bar, pool, terraces, kitchen, common room, rent a bike station): The hostel has it’s own two bars, and it’s known to be as one of the best cocktail bars in Zagreb and further.

Next to the bar there are 3 beautiful terraces overlooking a forest where you can relax and wind down, just 5 minutes from the city centre. The bar is also known for it’s events, so if you stay here you don’t have to go far for a good party.


Swanky Mint hostel is the only hostel in Zagreb that has a pool ( only in the period 1.5. – 1.10. ). There is a kitchen & common room where you have everything you might need for making a meal, and a lot of couch space to sit down, relax, read a book or watch tv.

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