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The Rockcliffe winery is based in the Great Southern wine producing area in Western Australia. The Great Southern is the largest wine producing region by area in Australia. The region has a range of climates from cool/warm/wet in the South where it is influenced by the Southern Ocean and hot and dry in the north. The area produces excellent quality whites (Chardonnay Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc) and Pinot Noir in the South. Whereas in the north, Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon excel!

“Rockcliffe” was named after the stretch of 100m high granite rock cliffs that dominate the eastern end of Denmark’s main bay. The same granite lies beneath the vineyard and gives distinctive characteristics to the wine.

The origin of Rockcliffe was a 70 acre expanse of apple orchards and forest set in the Eden-like paradise of Denmark, West Australia.  Rockcliffe is located close to the Southern Ocean therefore our vineyards produce stunning Chardonnays, Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot.

In the late 1980’s,  dry grown vines were planted.  In 2002 Dr Steve Hall, a geologist, became the new owner and, under his enthusiastic direction, Rockcliffe underwent major refurbishment.  In 2007, they commenced building of a modern winery on the property. The winery was ready for the 2008 vintage. This winery is capable of processing 1200 tonnes of grapes per year and is now one of the biggest and most efficient wineries in the Great Southern.

Elysia Harrison, previously winemaker at Cape Mentelle in Margaret River WA, joined the team.  Elysia brings a history of success, enthusiasm and an extensive range of skills to the winery..  Elysia has considerable experience of working in wineries in Australia but he has also completed vintages in Europe.

Today the Rockcliffe team works everyday to produce some of the best wines from Western Australia.  Rockcliffe focuses on making very high quality wines across our ranges.  The grapes come from the Great Southern, reds from the hot north and whites and pinot from our own vineyards in the South.  We sell our high quality wines at reasonable prices.

“There is an impressive assemblage of winemaking skill and experience in the winery during vintage, the benefits are obvious to see, so is the quality of the Rockcliffe wines.” James Halliday 2016

Wines are currently exported to China, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, New Zealand, USA, UK, Canada and Malaysia.

Rockcliffe winery produces three different ranges of wine, Single Site, Third Reef and Quarram rocks  under its name (James Halliday, Wine Companion 2017 points and comments in brackets).

“Over the years, Rockcliffe has won more than it’s fair share of trophies, gold and silver medals in wine shows” James Halliday Wine Companion 2017.

Since the winery was first operational on 2008, Rockcliffe has won many awards:-

  1. Every year since the winery became operational, Rockcliffe has been recognised as a 5 star winery by James Halliday in his Australian Wine Companion.

  • “Most improved winery Award” West Australian Wine Guide 2014.

Single Site (Very high quality single vineyard wines for the discerning wine drinker):-

  1. Shiraz (96 points “Has impeccable length and balance, and will richly reward patience”)

  2. Pinot Noir (97 points, “It is great now but will be superb in a few years”)

  3. Chardonnay (97 points “you want to rise from your chair to salute the wine”)

  4. Riesling (94 points “It’s flavours are essentially open and ready to be tucked into”)

  5. Cabernet Sauvignon (94 points “the tannins are plentiful but soft”)

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