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The founders of Elements started with a fundamental desire to bring the profound benefits of a good massage to people. Starting with aching sportsmen, fitness folks and stressed out people, Elements grew to understand that massage is for everybody. What was once thought of as a luxury has been reintroduced as therapy for the well-being of anyone. With this new direction, Elements is constantly finding ways to bring down barriers that hinder people from getting that well deserved massage break. We strive to price fairly, and we are constantly checking in on the skill of our therapists.

From bodywork, we again evolved to care for the outward appearance of our clients. We believe that when you feel good on the inside, you should also look good on the outside. We have developed skincare treatments, body treatments that enhance the image of our clients. We stand by our belief that beauty is not just skin deep. We believe in developing that inner sense of well-being that exudes itself as beautiful expressions and vibrant personalities. If you feel that good inside, you should definitely reflect it on the outside. So we invite you to celebrate this beautiful life today with us.
Our Locations:
#B1-30 ION Orchard
Tel: 6738 3788

#02-28 The Centrepoint
Tel: 6737 8488


Key Services

Couple Massage Retreat with Koyamaki Onsen Therapy (100-min, $671.96)

Includes Ocha Body Massage (60-min) + Private Koyamaki Onsen Therapy (40-min) + Foot Detox (10-min) for two.

Leave the bustle of city life behind and immerse yourselves into a realm of tranquillity and joy. Enjoy this moment with your special someone by indulging in the luxurious private Onsen, followed by a relaxing massage treat.

Nestled in a private room, you can experience the time honored Japanese bath ritual in a handcrafted Koyamaki wood tub with energized ion water. We complete your Onsen experience with real Hinoki wood bath accessories for authenticity.

Koyamaki (Japanese Umbrella Pine) is rare and so highly prized that it is the Japanese imperial crest for Prince Hisahito of Akishino, currently third in line to the Chrysanthemum Throne. This noble tree has been around since prehistoric days and it is the most prized of the five sacred trees in Japan. The beauty and therapeutic characteristics of this wood are legendary and there are still imperial Koyamaki baths operating in Japan that are known to be centuries old.

Experience the time honored Japanese bath ritual in a handcrafted Koyamaki wood tub that has been prized by Japanese royalty for centuries. Revitalize your health with energized ion water for greater detoxification, circulation and pain relief. Complete with steambath for complete hydrotherapy.

TCM Qi Meridian Wellness Therapy (60min, $385.20)

TCM Meridian Wellness Therapy is a healing body massage that stems from Traditional Chinese Medical principles. Using a Meridian Point Health Analyzer, we measure your meridian points and plot out a reading to analyze the imbalances in your body before personalizing a healing body massage to work on the acupoints that are affecting you. This helps to balance any disharmony that exists within your system and helps improve your general well-being and health.

Spa Symphony’s concept was created by a team of fanatical spa veterans, who has been in the spa industry for over 10 years. Our fanatics added new dimensions to the spa experience so that clients can get more out of their time spent in the spa.

By paying attention to the peripheral senses, Spa Symphony aims to deepen the therapeutic effects of its spa treatments. We believe that from the moment the client steps into the premises, therapy begins. Every minute counts, and we are devoted to offer supporting therapies to enhance the spa’s core services, as it is a great benefit to our customers.

Spa Symphony offers an environment that is designed to soothe through multiple senses; to offer guests complete relaxation that is so nourishing and cleansing for physical, mental and emotional health. Our environment and treatments are designed to detoxify and heal you.

Our Signature Services

  • Therapeutic Body Massages

  • Chiropractic Healthcare

  • Organic Skin Care Solutions

  • Slimming/Beauty Treatments

Our Facilities

  • Showers

  • Steambaths

  • Private Jacuzzi Room

  • 15 treatment rooms including VIP suite accommodating up to 4 people


313@Somerset #B2-50
Singapore 238895
Tel: 6636 8878



We use the internationally renowned Aveda brand because of their dedication to creating naturally derived products that care for your hair and the world we live in. From 93% naturally derived hair color that is lasting and vibrant to breakthrough plant micro technology that penetrates hair strand to hydrate or repair and aroma-therapeutic essential oils with restorative massage to create a healthy scalp, the Aveda protocol aims to bring out the full beauty of your hair. Come experience the powerful difference in naturally derived hair care.


An invigorating blend of Ayurvedic herbs, including turmeric and ginseng, that powers and energizes. After detoxifying the scalp, a lymphatic drainage massage is performed to increase circulation. Complete with scalp mask, scalp stimulation and chromo light therapy for penetration of products to promote healthy hair growth.

The treatment helps create a healthy scalp environment for an enhanced experience with InvatiTM solutions for thinning hair, helping to reduce hair loss* to keep the hair you have longer.

Aveda Invati Treatment for Thinning Hair (90 Mins) $258


Breakthrough plant micro technology penetrates each strand for intense moisture or repair with customized treatments. Moisture Treatment improves dry hair up to 86% (after one treatment) with the power of buriti and pomegranate oils, leaving strands soft, silky and shiny. Replenishes hair.

Aveda Classic Hair Ritual
(Add on-20mins) - From $75

Aveda Botanical Hair Therapy
(Moisture/Repair, 50mins) - From $105

Intensive Hair Transform Treatment
(Moisture/Repair, 60mins) - From $150


Features deep restorative massage with the aroma-therapeutic essential oil blend, serums, activators and mask, which will bring the healthiest balance to your scalp, setting the stage for beautiful hair. Experience the difference from scalp to soul in one session.

Aveda Classic Scalp Ritual
(10mins) - From $50

Aveda Scalp Therapy
(60mins) - From $138

Intense Botanical Scalp Therapy
(90mins) - From $258


Using Aveda Full Spectrum DeepTM hair color that is up to 93% naturally derived with a signature blend of protective plant oils including sunflower, castor and jojoba oils infusing the hair with amazing shine. Aveda’s patented technology uses green tea extract to create unique hues that is customizable your needs and expectation. We recommend the Color Conserve range to keep hair color from fading.

A single color tone from roots to ends of your hair - From $160

Highlights or Lowlights - From $160

Touch up of re-growth using existing color tones- From $120

* Prices subject to 7% GST

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