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Leslie Kwok

Element Wellness

April 2017 :-  Rosette Media spoke with the Founder of Elements Wellness Group, Leslie Kwok, a true veteran in the areas of spa, wellness and fitness in Singapore, and sought his views on a couple of key issues driving the spa and wellness industry.

1) Where do you see the spa, wellness and fitness industry heading in Asia and in Singapore, and what do consumers want?
Consumers are getting more health conscious and are looking for treatments that can help to improve their health. Modern consumers are busy and are searching for a convenient one-stop center that provides a relaxation space to unwind while also offering health solutions such as pain management and health supplements.

2) What is your vision and aspiration as a wellness, spa and fitness entrepreneur?
To provide new services, treatments and experiences to improve health and wellness for our consumers. 

3) What are some of the key features, treatments, products and brands that you are introducing into the wellness and fitness spaces?
Our products are designed to help our customers to improve their well-being and health for greater life quality.


4) For your latest concept at Centrepoint, why did you create an onsen spa? and what can consumers expect from such a facility? 
We feel that there is demand for unique spa concepts for couples.  We want to create a soothing environment for couples to spend quality time together while reaping the benefits of an onsen therapy.  
At Elements Wellness Centrepoint, couple can experience the time honored Japanese bath ritual in a handcrafted Koyamaki wood tub with energized ion water

Koyamaki (Japanese Umbrella Pine) is rare and so highly prized that it is the Japanese imperial crest for Prince Hisahito of Akishino, currently third in line to the Chrysanthemum Throne.  This noble tree has been around since prehistoric days and it is the most prized of the five sacred trees in Japan.  The beauty and therapeutic characteristics of this wood are legendary and there are still imperial Koyamaki baths operating in Japan that are known to be centuries old

We decided to delve further and then discovered certain key healing benefits associated with the Koyamaki Onset Therapy from Leslie, and these include :-
1. Anti-aging effect
The negative ions generated by our Onsen water neutralize the free radicals that age your body and discharge them out of your body.
2. Relieves pains
The ionized water and micro bubbles in our Onsen are effective in relieving rheumatic and arthritic pains.
3. Stress relief
The negative ions generated by the water in our Onsen clear your mind and are a natural mood lifter.
4. Detoxification
The ionized water is balanced at the optimal temperature range of 38-42 degrees Celsius for promoting blood circulation and lymph movement that detoxifies and eases expulsion of toxins.
5. Thermal work out
This is a form of workout using heated water to boost metabolism. As your circulation improves and your metabolism increases and thus help to burn some calories along the way.

Readers’ Promotion

As a special joint promotion between Rosette Media and Elements Wellness,  we have created a special Readers’ Promotion (for Rosette Media participants), for Couple Onsen Treatment

Our viewers can enjoy this award winning Koyamaki Onsen Couple Retreat at just $189 (2-pax, U.P. $928.76)
Treatment includes:

  • Ocha Body Massage (60-min) OR Sake Facial (75-min)

  • Koyamaki Onsen Therapy in Private Suite


Terms and Conditions:
Mention Rosette Media Reader Promotion (for couples) • Valid for first time customers of Elements Wellness Centrepoint aged 23 years and above, Singaporeans, PRs, EP and DP Holders. Existing package holders are entitled to ONE trial session only • Please quote ‘Rosette Media Couple Onsen’ promotion when making an appointment, subject to availability • Prices stated subject to 7% GST •• The company reserves the rights to amend any terms and conditions without prior notice • Promotion is till 30 October 2017

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