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About Us

Curators of Lifestyle Spheres & Moments


The Rosette Media Group is a Media Communications ensemble comprising of boutique Media Specialists.


We feature dynamic news coverage on our global online media portal with a bias towards the Asia Pacific region.

Fast and composed in all situations, our Group exhibit stealth, magnificence and power and are highly adaptable to respond to changing lifestyle and luxury trends in the marketplace, whilst remaining trustworthy, reliable and steadfast in the relationships that we develop and nurture with our partners and clients.

Rosette Media is an aggregator of all things luxe and powerful in the various segments it represents and to this effect, it believes in collaborating and partnering with multiple parties to amalgamate and consolidate the content and events in a purposeful and easy format for our readers to read and enjoy.​  We cover lifestyle and luxe events in the various segments that we represent, and showcase the latest artisanal pieces, gadgets and assets in the best brilliant way possible, on our online media pathways.

We feature products, services, moments and experiences at the epitome of the luxury ladder and invest heavily in event and content coverage whilst aggregating product and service providers, and collaborating with partners, celebrities and personalities under one common platform.

We cover content in the following spheres, tapped from sources in the Asia Pacific region:-

  • Luxury & Premium Assets – Sports and Luxury Cars, Yachts, Aviation, Real estate & Home décor

  • Fine Dining & Gastronomy (incorporating Food Trade shows, Sprits, Whisky, Wine & Champagne)

  • Horology and Timepieces

  • Haute Couture & Fashion

  • Fine Art & Culture, Street Culture & Art

  • Hospitality – Elite Hotels, Resorts & Retreats, Premium Restaurants, Designer Cafes

  • Travel and Getaways – Travel Retail, Tourist Attractions, Car, Plane and Yacht Charters and Rentals

  • Wellness – Healthcare, Spa, Fitness, Beauty & Aesthetics

  • Digital– Luxury Tech, Sound Systems, Gadgets, Cameras & Phones

  • Tech - Fintech, SAAS, CRM, e-Platforms, ESG Themes

  • Entertainment – Concerts, Shows & Musicals, Anime

  • Elite Sport – Golf, Polo & Tennis

  • Lifestyle Events

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