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Koji Sushi Bar Food Review

The Name

Koji is a crucial ingredient in the brewing of sake and shochu. It is a kind of culture that creates enzymes, breaking starch in rice into sugar. Koji is not only used in the production of sake and shochu, it is also widely used in Japanese cooking ingredients like shoyu (soy sauce) and miso (bean paste). Hence, Koji is the “culture and essence” for Japanese wine and dine!

The Concept

A trendy and casual Japanese sushi/sashimi-only joint with a simple menu focusing on quality fresh sea produce, speed and affordability in the day to cater to office crowd. In the evening, omakase (chef decide) menu will be served along with a good selection of sake and shochu for a relaxed dining experience.

The Space

Décor is uber chic stylish with counter seats indoors and high tables and benches outdoor. There are different set of lightings used for lunch and dinner to create the different ambience.

The Food

Value is emphasized here with undersized Japanese sushi rice topped with oversized slices of fish and shellfish. Nigiri Sushi are served in sets of 5. Sets are priced from Value set of $9++ to Premium set of $23++ which include Chutoro (Bluefin Tuna Belly). Each set comes with a choice of salad or soup.

Typically, a customer would order 2 sets of nigiri sushi with a spending of $19++ to $46++

depending on his selection. The superb value Donburi Sets include their signature Chirashi Don marinated with special tangy sauce and our chef’s recipe of Salmon Avocado Tartare Don. Served with Miso soup and Salad and priced at $19++ per bowl, they are a must-try.

For dinner, in addition to the above, they serve 8/10-course omakase set at $98++ and

$118++ per person. The course includes appetizers, sashimi, teppan, nabe, sushi and dessert. Koji uses Japan-produced rice and charcoal-filtered water to achieve the

best tasting sushi rice. Guests have a choice of white rice or the healthier mixed grain rice for their sushi and donburi.

We had the 10 course Omakase set at $118++ per pax.

1) Uni (Sea Urchin) Tofu

Superb melt in the mouth Bafun Uni airflown from Hokkaido on top of tofu. A great appetizer to start off the dinner.

2) Boiled Squid and White Asparagus topped with Japanese Jelly

Not your typical green asparagus, this is a great rare white asparagus typically served in high end restaurants.

3) Japanese Oysters

Look at the size of these Japanese oysters. This would pair well with a great glass of Grand Cru champagne or Junmai Daijingyo sake.

4) Sashimi Platter

We were served a selection of the freshest sashimi airflown twice a week from Tokyo’s world renowned Tsukiji Fish Market.

We had Otoro (Premium fatty Tuna Belly), Salmon Belly, Amberjack (Kampachi) and Ebi with freshly grated wasabi.

5) Foie Gras with Onsen Egg

Torch seared Foie Gras with Onsen egg was not too bad, but would be better if it were pan seared till slightly crispy on the outside and oozing soft on the inside.

6) Tajima A4 Wagyu Ribeye

Superb A4 marbling oozing with fats that just melts in the mouth. It would pair well with a full bodied Bordeaux Grand Cru Classe Red Wine.

7) Sushi Selection

Flounder Sushi Amberjack (Kampachi) Sushi Ebi (Small Prawn) Sushi

8) Clam Soup

A clear refreshing soup broth with some clams which were quite fresh. The soup could have been more robust though.

9) Otoro Sushi with Caviar

The piece de resistance and highlight of the evening. Premium Otoro Fatty Tuna Belly topped with Caviar and Japanese Gold Foil Leaf. The flavours just explode in the mouth with an amazing fusion and balance.

10) Dessert

Japanese MuskMelon, Strawberries and tomatoes to cleanse the palate and round off the evening.

Koji Sushi Menu

For reservations, please contact:

Pickering Branch

3 Pickering Street #01-42 Singapore 048660

Tel: 6225 6125 Fax: 6225 6387

Mon – Sat: 11:30am – 3:00pm (LO 2.30pm)

6:00pm – 10:00pm (LO 9.00pm)

Sun & PH: Closed

Raffles Place Branch

30 Raffles Place #01-32 Chevron House Singapore 048660

Tel: 6532 2805 Fax: 6532 2802

Mon – Sat: 11:30am – 3:00pm (LO 2.30pm)

Mon – Fri: 6:00pm – 10:00pm (LO 9.00pm)

Sun & PH: Closed

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