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Vienna District 9 & Lunch at Gasthaus Rebhuhn

Vienna contains 23 municipal districts, each with its own individual character and flavor, and so we visited District 9 one late morning on 26 January 2024.

Alsergrund is the 9th district of Vienna. Alsergrund is an affluent suburb that includes much of the University of Vienna, several cozy business districts, and several hospitals. It has historical links to Franz Schubert, Ludwig van Beethoven, and Sigmund Freud, and many museums, galleries, and cultural institutions contribute to its distinct atmosphere.

The 9th District is an elegant and historically rich area located north of the city center. With its graceful streets, stunning Art Noveau and Art Deco architecture, vibrant intellectual and cultural scene, and the modernity brought by the youth, Alsergrund exudes a charm that is both unique and captivating.

Alsergrund’s storied past is beautifully interwoven with the bustling present, as the district is home to several universities, medical institutions, and the iconic Vienna Volksoper, one of the city’s most famous opera houses. Its captivating architectural style, known as Gründerzeit, reflects the contributions of numerous prominent architects and artists.

Walking along the stretch of Servitengasse in Alsergrund, gives me a cool vibe of this trendy cool area, which is earmarked to be the next most happening precinct of Vienna, aside from the touristy districts and the cool districts of 5-8. An entire array of arts and craft shops, modern cafes, traditional restaurants steeped with historical charm and flavor the entire boulevard of the Servitenviertel area.

A cute little duck which is pretty symbolic in some souvenir shops all across Vienna!

Rehhuhn Gasthaus

Next, we headed to the Rehhuhn Gasthaus, across the road junction, which is a very typical, very local traditional Austrian restaurant that the locals would go, for their daily meals. Given the authenticity of the place, that also allows dogs, I saw couples, seniors, families and corporates having lunch here.. Both Viennese families and tourists come here for reliable local Austrian fare – potato soup, fried chicken salad, schnitzel, goulash, roasted pork belly, apple strudel etc.

My guide, Ms Ilse had a fritzy soda, which is a typical aperitif in Vienna (I had some on other occasions) but I had a nice draft Ottakringer Helles as my thirst quencher here. For appetizer, we both had the Cream of carrot-ginger soup (which is honestly one of the best soups I have had in my life, being a Cantonese, and we are very good in cooking traditional tonic and herbal soups, my rating for this simple soup is 9/10)..

Ilse had the Breaded chicken, served with potatoes and green salad (which was nicely done) whilst I had a Boiled filet of beef, shredded potatoes, spinach and it came with two dips (almost similar to the traditional Tapelspitz, which comes with 2 versions, this version is the non-stew version).. My lunch was lovely, felt super comfy and love the home-cooked flavours, aromas, and homely ambience! Wonderful!


Rehhuhn Gasthaus

Address: Berggasse 24, 1090 Wien, Austria

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