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The Masons Table: Review

We chanced upon a new restaurant in downtown Coleman Street, which replaces the former Madison Rooms private members’ club in the iconic Freemasons House. Simpy called The Masons Table, it serves corporate lunches, Western French and Italian influenced cuisine paired with artisan wines.

We started off with a Soave white wine ($15 by the glass, $85 by the bottle).

We were recommended 3 starters to get it going.

Half a dozen of Escargots ($14). The texture was firm and crunchy and was fantastic value for money.

The smoked salmom ($18) was brilliantly executed, we must say.

Ditto for the pan seared Foie Gras ($24). It was crispy on the outside and moist and melted on the inside. Paired really well with the Bruno Paillard Premier Cuvee Grower Champagne.

The Duck Confit was pretty crispy and tasty but just a tad too salty.

The baby snapper was just a little overcooked but the Chef still managed to retain the flavours and moisture in the snapper.

We had the last main of the evening – Australian Sirloin with fries.

To round off the evening, we had the cheese board before the desserts.

Rosette Media’s Verdict:

The starters and desserts were much better than the main courses. We are confident that the main dishes will be uplifted as they mature into operations.

For Reservations:

Please contact:

The Masons Table

23A Coleman Street

Tel: 9127 5030

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