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Rizu Singapore


Sushi and modern Japanese cuisine in leafy Duxton Hill

We were walking along Duxton Hill one evening and stumbled upon a new Japanese restaurant that just opened. We remembered the space was formerly occupied by another restaurant only just recently. Wow that is the nature of the cut throat F&B industry where eateries come and go consistently. Anyway we decided to walk in and try it out; the friendly staff showed us around the place.

A well stocked sake cellar with a diverse range of house sakes to the top of the range premium ones.

We saw a live Geoduck in a water tank and we were told the Geoduck sashimi is served fresh from the Geoduck in the tank. A pretty unique value proposition for a Japanese restaurant as most establishments get their Geoduck frozen and thaw them for serving.

We examined the Omakase and A La Carte menus and were torn between choosing which to go for. Most of the Omakase items are found in the A La Carte menu and we were told to go for the Omakase as they represent the best and freshest ingredients for the day as determined by the Head Executive Chef.

So we decided to go for the $200 per pax Special Omakase menu. We love to be surprised.

First up – French Oyster with Jelly ($6), Pork Pate ($8) and special Cabonara Salmon Roe ($12).

Prices in brackets are the a la carte menu prices if ordered from the ala carte menu.

The oyster was small though, but juicy enough to pass the test.

We decided to order the house speciality Kamonishiki Jumnai Daiginjo ($35 for 180ml, $130 for 720ml) to pair with the appetizers.

Next up – 5 different types of tomato and salad. Nothing special about this appetizer though.

We were served the Sashimi Platter next, comprising a Boston Lobster sashimi, Abalone and a Chef’s selection of typical sashimi. The sashimi was really fresh and succulent.

5 types of Nigiri Sushi was next. Sea Bream sushi ($4)

Golden Eye Snapper Sushi ($8)

Aji Horse Mackeral Sushi ($4)

Ototo Fatty Tuna Belly Sushi ($12) – The high counter prevented us from observing the Chef at work, but we suspected he used a hand torch to glaze the sashimi with a golden shiny texture. The otoro was fresh and simply melts in the mouth.

Uni Sea Urchin Sushi ($18)

We were intrigued by the live Geoduck in the tank and decided to order it (One Quarter$45) as a supplement to our Omakase menu. The texture was smooth and crunchy and paired really well with our Sake.

After the cold appetizers, we were served the hot stuff next, starting with the Lobster Bisque. The broth was thick and robust and very tasty.

Pan Seared Foie Gras ($26) was crispy on the outside and oozes with softness on the inside. A brilliantly executed dish.

Now for the first main course. Miso marinated black cod ($30). Full of flavour and cooked to perfection – not too overcooked.

Main Course 2 was a A4 Wagyu Sirloin from Sendai ($58). Extremely well marbled with fats – it fits really well with our Keto diets.

We decided to go for their house red wine to pair with the Wagyu. Not too bad for a house wine.

Carbs were next. We are not Carbs eaters but we decided to make the night a cheat night, so just taste it and skip breakfast the next day. This is a Abalone Risotto with Miso Soup.

Sukiyaki Rice Bowl.

We were surprised with another round of sushi next – Foie Gras Sushi.

Mango Lobster Sushi.

We ordered some Japanese Craft Beer to pair with our mains as we were told they are imported directly from Japan.

We were pretty stuffed by now and were glad the dessert was served to round off the evening. Crumble Pear Jelly and Pear with Vanilla Ice Cream.

The owner made his rounds and we had a nice chat with him.

Hisamizu Takahashi, Founder and Owner of RIZU says “I am extremely passionate about the Japanese food and beverage scene and I think RIZU brings an entirely new concept to Singapore. My goal is for all guests to leave the restaurant with a feeling of bliss. I look forward to welcoming Japanese food lovers to RIZU.”

Location Details:

39 Duxton Hill, Singapore 089617

Opening Hours:

Tuesdays – Sundays: 6.00pm – 11.00pm | Mondays: Closed

For Reservations visit:

For enquiries contact: or +65 6904 8880

About RIZU

Situated in the busy Duxton Hill enclave, RIZU is a lively and intimate Japanese restaurant. Introducing a refreshing authentic modern Japanese dining concept from owner Hisamizu Takahashi. The traditional and contemporary Japanese menu is the result of the hard work by the team of highly skilled chefs who have been personally handpicked by Hisamizu

The name RIZU is a fusion of the words RI which is representative of Lapis Lazuli, a deep blue prized gemstone that signifies good luck and harmony, and ZU, which translates to joy and the use of the cherished gems

The native menu showcases a unique fish selection and ingredients that are specially flown in from Japan and other global regions. Each dish is artfully plated and presented before it leaves the kitchen. A wide selection of sake offerings alongside a simple wine and champagne list, and seamless service completes the personable gastronomic experience.

With a sophisticated urban setting that seats 36 guests for a holistically well rounded and genuine Japanese experience, RIZU is ideal for social gatherings, family dinners, celebrations and entertaining.

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