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Rang Mahal Launches a Brand New Menu!

Rang Mahal Reinvents Indian Cuisine with New Menu

That Showcases First-of-its-kind Dishes

In a fine-dining setting, savour modern homecooked, street and gourmet classics

specially whipped up by the award-winning Chef Milind Sovani

2018 – Rang Mahal, the award-winning fine-dining Indian restaurant at Pan Pacific Hotel, has launched a brand-new menu! With this new menu, Rang Mahal aims to reinvent Indian cuisine by putting a modern spin on Indian classics while still honouring their heritages.

Known for whipping up dishes of impeccable quality, Rang Mahal now regales dishes that are perfect for communal sharing, and will appeal to the palates of youngsters, families as well as Indian-food connoisseurs. The new menu also offers healthier, less greasy alternatives to the usual Indian fare.

The menu is specially curated by the award-winning Chef Milind Sovani, who has been a chef to India’s former prime ministers Ms Indira Gandhi and Mr Rajiv Gandhi. He is also a three-time winner of the “Asian Chef of the Year” title, and has hosted numerous television shows. A brainchild of his, the innovative menu presents elements of age-old traditions that he studied while exploring various regions of India during the past five years. With the chef’s return to Singapore, he aims to share his hard-earned insights with his guests through an eclectic range of dishes.

Some of the new dishes at Rang Mahal take inspiration from Ayurveda — one of the world’s oldest holistic healing systems. By using Ayuverdic herbs in the dishes, diners can enjoy its unique health benefiting properties while indulging their taste buds. Most of the herbs and spices used are imported directly from India, and they help recreate the authentic flavours and signature aromas of Indian cuisine.

Embark on a journey of gastronomic excellence

The very first evolution of Rang Mahal took place in 2000, spearheaded by Mrs Ritu Jhunjhnuwala, Managing Director of Rang Mahal Restaurants. She is instrumental in shaping and making the Group’s vision a reality, leading the team to move away from the traditional look and feel of Indian restaurants to one that exudes modernity and sophistication.

As such, rather than following the fusion-cuisine trend, the dishes at Rang Mahal are deconstructed and then reconstructed, thus boasting a contemporary spin while still retaining the original flavours. In so doing, Rang Mahal has been changing the way gourmands in Singapore view Indian cuisine.

Amongst the new dishes include Tomato Saar, Mulethi Herb Foam ($20) — a perfect starter, this light and airy take on the classic tangy tomato soup packs enough flavour and tang to whet the appetite, without being overly rich. Rang Mahal’s version is poured over a dollop of mulethi foam, which imparts a sweet tinge.

The sweet liquorice root is an important herb in Ayurveda and boasts antioxidants as well as medicinal properties that help cure sore throat, cold, cough, etc.

Next up is the Tandoori Fondue – An Ensemble of Kebabs ($58), a unique rendition that departs from the usual cheese and chocolate version. Rang Mahal has cleverly thought of presenting chicken kebabs in fondue style! The chicken kebabs are marinated with unique ingredients like holy basil, kasuri fenugreek, cashew cheese and Punjabi chicken tikka, allowing diners to savour different flavours at one go. Coat an assortment of chicken kebabs grilled in tandoor as well as garlic naan cubes with a luscious cheese sauce, which has a hint of tomato makhni. There is also a vegetarian option. It is ideal for sharing amongst two to four persons, and is a great dish friends can bond over.

Continue the indulgence with the Roomali Masala Papad ($15) — Rang Mahal is the first in Singapore to serve this unique creation. The papad is a gigantic offering that spans the entire wok. It is topped with a potpourri of sev (lentil crispies), onion, tomato, chilli and special spice blend. Wash it down with a glass of whisky or beer.

Inspired by Chinese dim sum, the exquisite Butter Chicken Bao($42) is a steamed and petite naan bao housing butter chicken. The exterior is soft and pillowy, while the inside is rich, creamy and fragrant. Following a traditional recipe from Mumbai, the Parsi Kheema Per Eeda, Maska Bao ($55) boasts a Parsi twist, andfeatures spiced minced lamb (kheema) with soft eggs and buttered (maska) buns.

Or go with the Bombay Pani Poori ($25) — crispy semolina puffs served with stuffing made with moong bean sprouts, onions and chillies. Accompanying the puffs is spiced water, a blend of two types of chutney, spices and herbs that is served in shot glasses. Guests can have experiential fun with this dish, as they have to stuff the poori with moong bean sprouts, pour the spiced water into it, and then eat the entire thing in one bite. This is an explosion of flavours!

Lamb lovers will be delighted to know that Rang Mahal has two must-try lamb dishes. The Lucknowi Nalli Ghosht($54) is an ambrosial dish enjoyed by the nawabs and kings of the Lucknow region in India. This classic dish uses unique fragrant spices like dried rose petals, khus ki jad, edible perfume called ittar, saffron and more. The superbly tender braised shanks are immersed in a piquant rosewater and spice curry. Equally enticing is the Dhuwandaar Lamb Chops ($42). Australian lamb rack is marinated with a special spice blend along with caramelised pineapple and ginger garlic marinade. Cooked in tandoor, the grilled lamb chops have a lovely crust. The chops are then smoked with garam masala and Applewood for a sweet overtone.

A spellbinding meal with vegetarian choices

Vegetarians will also be spoilt for choice here. The Tandoori Duet of White & Green Asparagus ($35) is one of Rang Mahal’s signature dishes, featuring fresh premium white and green asparagus with mustard cheese marinade. The asparaguses are lightly grilled in tandoor, and accompanied with red beetroot sauce, yellow mustard sauce and green mint sauce. Or opt for the Subz Moilee ($36), one of the most loved vegetable dishes in southern India that features an assortment of exotic vegetables, immersed in fragrant creamy, Kerala-style coconut curry.

Sweeten the memories with desserts

Cap off the meal with two indulgent desserts: Gulab Jamun Flambé; and Lychee Kulfi. The Gulab Jamun Flambé ($25) showcases gulab jamuns, an all-time favourite, in a unique style. Drenched in rose saffron nectar syrup, these golden dumplings are balanced with generous portions of fresh fruits, and then served flambé style with Drambuie liquor. Or go with the Lychee Kulfi ($20), a homemade traditional ice cream created with all-natural ingredients, and studded with fresh lychees. The dessert is then engulfed in smoke for a spectacular touch.

Rang Mahal Gourmet Lunch Buffet

Available from Sunday to Friday, is Rang Mahal’s signature Gourmet Buffet Lunch. The varied Gourmet Buffet Lunch features regional Indian favourites complete with vegetarian and non- vegetarian options, a fresh salad bar counter, a la minute pass-arounds and a full dessert line.

The Gourmet Buffet Lunch is available from 12pm to 2.30pm and is priced at $58++.


About Rang Mahal

Since its establishment in 1971, fine dining Indian restaurant Rang Mahal has won more than its fair share of prestigious accolades. In 2009, it earned distinct and longstanding recognition with the Singapore Brand Prestige Awards 2009 – Heritage Brands award, an exemplary tribute paid only to home-grown brands with exceptional brand practices for more than 30 years. Most recently, it was the only Indian restaurant to receive The Straits Times ‘Best Asian Restaurant’, silver category in 2017.

Originally housed in the now defunct Imperial Hotel, Rang Mahal’s move to a contemporary premise at Pan Pacific Hotel in 2001 followed by a refurbishment in 2007 has seen it transform in terms of ambience, quality of service and menu offerings.

In tandem with Pan Pacific Hotel’s renovation programme in 2012, Rang Mahal embarked on a new chapter with a major transformation, and continues to push the boundaries of the culinary world in all aspects of a holistic dining experience.

As part of the Hind Group, Rang Mahal continues to support and facilitate awareness for good causes through various corporate social responsibility initiatives. In 2017, Rang Mahal has hosted an event with Club Rainbow, ran a campaign to raise funds and awareness for Breast Cancer Foundation and continues to support other charities on a regular basis.

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