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Origin Grill - the New Menu


Rosette Media Rating Panel : Overall Rating 9.2/10

Origin Grill aims to elevate the dining experience, offering their guests a journey through a symphony of tastes and textures, all expertly crafted over the flames of their Josper Grill (which is a brand synonymous with an enclosed charcoal oven where food is cooked at high temperatures and Josper Grill has developed over the past 50 years in the creation of technological and innovative wonders at the service of gastronomy and the demanding HoReCa sector).

Upscale dining is common in European cuisine, where restaurants often focus on techniques and presentation rather than ingredients. However, recently, there has been an increase in mindful eating— diners care how the food on their plate got there and where it came from, so this was the perspective that attracted us to Origin Grill.

Origin Grill is focused on the provenance of its ingredients, sourcing high-quality produce from environmentally responsible, artisan farmers both near and far, within Asia and out of Asia. Their relationship with their farmers enables Shangri-La Singapore to ethically source food from people who are passionate about their craft. For diners, that means every land, sea, and field ingredient is at its prime, with natural flavours shining through.

Their curated wine selection compliments their exceptional ingredients and deepens the diners’ overall experience and their Head sommelier, Marcus sourced artisanal gems and rare, ancient grape varietals from around the world, and he gave us a truly astounding sharing on the choice of what we should drink, and also the nuances related to the choice of our Amarone Villa Matta, which is distinctly expressive in nature, and a somewhat different end-palate for this Valpolicella-based grape varietal.

Their extensive wine list showcases over 45 varietals and their restaurant’s design evokes the romance and nostalgia of travelling by train, as we enjoyed the superb ambience with relaxing piped-in modern music. At the foyer, a moving mechanical objet d’art piques the imagination, reminiscent of a railway track. The tabletops are crafted like a chess board, matched with hand-stitched leather Tripolina chairs and curved rectangular benches made of wood and burgundy leather.

As the aroma of freshly grilled delights wafts through the air, Origin Grill announces the launch of its new menu, set to redefine the culinary landscape of Shangri La Singapore. Bursting with robust flavours and innovation, this new menu is curated by newly minted Chef de Cuisine, Simon Bell and is enhanced by the artistry of smoke and fire on their Josper Grill. There is a key focus on the provenance of produce, and each dish they put on the table embodies their dedication to quality ingredients and authenticity.

Origin Grill invites guests to a culinary experience that promises to excite the palates of seasoned grill aficionados and adventurous foodies alike, showcasing an array of enticing dishes meticulously prepared to perfection over an open flame. From succulent steaks charred to juicy perfection to grilled side dishes with the allure of smokey aromas, each dish on the new menu embodies the essence of bold flavours, emphasising the quality of their sourced produce and a commitment to excellence that has become synonymous with Origin Grill.

One fine evening, we visited Origin Grill and were totally awed by the finesse, quality, innovation, standard and service of their entire menu offering... our first course accompanying our awesome Champagne from Michel LITTIERE are two pieces of Seasonal Oysters drizzled with a layer of tangy Tamarind, Calamansi, Chili, Gula Melaka and Coriander - truly embodies the theme of true seafood experience..

We can savour the succulence of the Hokkaido Scallop which was prepared with Kombu Butter, Cucumber and a burst of Sea Grapes, gently cooked to perfection with that awesome butter.. for the next dish.. We both ordered the Seafood Bisque , which comprise a Tiger Prawn, Mud Crab, Crème Fraiche and Chive; as a seafood enthusiasts I thoroughly enjoyed this as it was delicately paired with the creme fraiche, thus adding depth and complexity to the dish, imparting a savoury sweetness that enhances the natural flavours of the prawn and crab, imbibed with natural umami flavours from the broth sauce..

We waited eagerly for the arrival of our "Queen of the Appetizer section" - The Australian Bay Lobster, also known as Slipper Lobster or Bay Bug, that hails from the pristine coastal waters off the East Coast of Queensland, Australia. Renowned for its unrivalled taste and succulent texture, with its origins deeply rooted in the rich maritime heritage of Australia, each Slipper Lobster embodies a legacy of tradition, sustainability, and culinary excellence that continues to enchant discerning epicureans across the globe.

The lobster tail undergoes a delicate grilling process over coals until it reaches sublime tenderness, and we could feel so rejuvenated with each bite. Elevating its flavour profile, this dish is adorned with slices of green apple that have been infused with yuzu liquor- truly classique (this is so amazing!). Accompanying the lobster is a refreshing salad inspired by the classic Waldorf salad, featuring fresh celery stems and leaves, red grapes, toasted walnuts, and a dressing crafted from egg, shio kombu, and grapeseed oil (we love the freshness and uniques of the quality of ingredients showcased in this dish)

To add a final touch of culinary perfection, the dish is then crowned with a decadent beurre noisette (brown butter sauce) and a hint of dog fennel, imparting a delicate smoky aroma and irresistible taste. It's a truly sensational seafood delight, sure to enchant every palate. Just lovely and simply delicious!

Josper Charcoal Grills

Their steak selection stands out as a highlight on the menu. Each piece of meat undergoes a meticulous grilling process in the Josper oven, where they are exposed to a fusion of iron bark wood and charcoal, reaching temperatures of 400 degrees Celsius. This unique method imparts a delightful, charred finish, enriching their meats with a profound depth of flavour.

In this new menu, they present a variety of six single cuts weighing between 200g – 300g each, as well as two large cuts weighing about 1kg, primarily sourced from Australia pastures. These selections reflect the culinary heritage of Chef Simon, who originated from the region. Two notable cuts that we truly enjoyed at Origin Grill - it's so good that we did not even have the capacity to have other main dishes on the menu.. There are 6 choices for Single-Cut and we sampled 2 of them, a Japanese and an Australian cut.. and we chose Peppercorn and Mushroom sauces to go with them.. we also ordered sides consisting of Fried Brussels Sprouts with O.G. Spice, Mustard & Lime, and Charred Carrots filled with Pumpkin Seed, Honey, Butter & Dill, to go with our Josper-centric Mains..

Kagoshima 200g A4 Craft Wagyu, Kyushu, Striploin

A land signature, this succulent Kagoshima Striploin originates from an A4 Craft genre, absolutely tender and grilled at the Josper template to a medium rare format, oozes an earthy-umami sweetness and velvety consistency, truly offering a delightful contrast of textures as we relish each bite from the Kyushu region. This steak is highly recommended and it truly elevated our views of premium and genuine Wagyu Steak in Singapore, as it is truly tough to find a wholesome place that serves decent tender steak, grilled to perfection with the Josper Grill, not over-burnt, and not charred to the point of burnt bitterness, yet delivery a sense of umami in the taste delivery. An Amarone Villa Matta accompanied our pairing with this Kago-beauty!

Stone Axe Full Blood Wagyu 400 days Grain-fed NSW Rump Cap MB9+ 200g

Stone Axe Wagyu cattle originate from the pastures of New South Wales and Victoria, Australia. Raised in high-altitude pastures and grain-fed for 400 days, they develop an exceptional flavour profile and achieve a marble score of MB9+. The Rump Cap, also known as Picanha, is a lesser-known cut but at this marble score, it offers incredible tenderness while maintaining the classic Australian beef flavour. Perfect for seasoned steak enthusiasts seeking a new culinary adventure, this steak promises to deliver an unforgettable experience of flavour and tenderness. It's taste contrasts with the Kagoshima cut, as it is more ingrained in the bite department, but we love the MB9 feel, and we can just fathom the difference and the effort taken to raise this Stone Axe breed.

We had a glass of Moss Wood Amy's from Margaret River , 2022 vintage, as Moss Wood is my fave brand from this region.. stunning! as part of the pairing process.


In addition to the innovative main dishes, Origin Grill is proud to introduce a selection of tempting desserts created by their talented pastry chef Autumn Chin. With a deft touch and a keen eye for flavour harmonies, Chef Autumn elevates the sweet finale of each guest's dining experience to a whole new level.

We had the Tres Leches a sweet combination of Milk, Orange, Mascarpone and Devil’s Chocolate Ice Cream, which agreed wholeheartedly with our sweet palates and also tagged along with the powerful Snickers dessert that was packed with Dark Chocolate, Nutella, Caramel and Salted Peanuts, extremely sinful but we loved it, and for the house-made gelato, we chose the brown bread, burnt honey, chocolate and vanilla, just simply classique yet delicious - the way we love it!

About Chef Simon Bell

Chef Simon Bell joined Origin Grill at Shangri-La Singapore as its Chef de Cuisine in December 2023. Originating from Australia, Chef Simon embarked on his culinary journey in 2008, immersing himself in various dining establishments within his homeland to master the intricacies of the food and beverage industry.

To sum up his culinary ethos in one sentence, Chef Simon shares, “I enjoy cooking food for people who love to eat”. Joining Origin Grill at Shangri-La Singapore as its Chef de Cuisine,Chef Simon is poised to further accentuate Origin Grill’s dining concept with an introduction of new innovative menu dishes including elevating its signature Josper Charcoal Grilled Steaks with steak cuts which are less commonly offered, being bold with creations with a focus on flavours and taste, and with a new menu launch, he will also include an innovative incorporation of Southeast Asian influences to honour the vibrant and bold flavours of Asia.


Origin Grill operates from Tuesday to Sunday, with operating hours from 12pm to 2.30pm and 6pm to 10pm.


Tower Wing, Lobby Level, 22 Orange Grove Road

Phone: (65) 6213 4398

Operating Hours:


Tuesday to Sunday (Monday Closed)

12:00pm to 2:30pm

Last Order at 2:00pm


Sunday - Thursday (Monday Closed)

6:00pm - 10:00pm

Last Order at 9:30pm

Friday and Saturday

6:00pm - 10:00pm

First Seating: 6:00pm to 7:30pm

Second Seating: 8:00pm to 10:00pm

Last Order at 9:30pm

You can reserve your seats in advance by calling 6213 4398 or ...

For more information, follow them on their Instagram @origingrillsg.

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