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Origin Bar


Origin Bar's new cocktail concept encapsulate a new meaning in the realm of curated ideas and cocktail inventions, showcasing their bartenders' unique interpretations of the past through to the present.

Origin Bar unveils its latest cocktail concept, "INFINITY," featuring 18 new innovative cocktail concoctions inspired by ideas reimagined into far-fetched cocktail concepts from their bartenders’ perspectives. A strong emphasis is placed on various cocktail techniques to achieve flavour precision, served in different styles of cocktails, each one a testament to the fusion of imagination and craftsmanship.

The innovation doesn’t stop there. A new bar bites menu from Origin Grill accompanies the new cocktail menu, introducing a unique “fingers or chopsticks only” concept. Guests

are invited to indulge in finger bites without the hassle of cumbersome cutlery, enhancing the Origin Bar experience with a drink in one hand and a delicious bar bite in the other, which takes centrestage in their total culinary and tasting experience at Origin.

Crafted by Origin Bar's team of talented bartenders under the leadership of Beverage and Bar Manager, Adam Bursik, "INFINITY" showcases the collective ingenuity of a group of free-spirited individuals, each hailing from diverse ethnic backgrounds. This dynamic team of mixologists brings to the table their unique interpretations of cocktails, infused with cultural influences and innovative techniques which guests will discover through the new cocktail menu.

So one fine evening, we went to savour an entire plethora of brand-new cocktail and culinary offerings at Origin, and explored, indulged and immersed ourselves in an absolute evening of refined opulence and tried a few of the wondrous creations from the list of 18 meticulously crafted cocktails by their skilled mixologists.

Rishi, Aki and Yvonne looked after us so well whilst we were chatting with Nicholas, Josephine and Si Min and we also sampled a fresh array of bar bites that was meticulously designed by their Chef Simon Bell to complement the bold and sophisticated essence of their innovative cocktail menu.

A Thematic Story accompanies each cocktail and spins a beautiful story, culminating in many wonderful story-tales in INFINITY.... check out these awesome stories.. and of course varying flavours set to stimulate your taste buds..

FAQ Plastic

Oolong | Cranberry Wine | Peach Orange Cordial | Patron Silver

Sex on the beach? Where all the waste and trash sits? NO, thank you. Using all things sustainable such as Sachi made from tofu waste turned to soy wine in Singapore, and oxidised wine fortified with leftover oranges infused alcohol - all served on a coaster made from waste collected from the beaches around Singapore.


Watermelon | Gari Shrub | Torch Lilly Iichiko Saiten | KI NO BI Kyoto Dry Gin

Japan's mastery of growing shaped fruits is truly an art, and here's their tribute to the iconic square watermelon. Served with homemade pickled ginger turned into a savoury umami shrub and shaken with Gin and citrus to unlock its full potential.


Madagascar Vanila | Saffron | Edible Gold Galliano | Dry Sherry | Roku Gin

The worth of money must find equilibrium with the value of gold. For us as bartenders, this value is sometimes gauged by the rarity of our ingredients. Utilising saffron in tinctures, distilled Madagascar vanilla, and edible gold for that million dollar sip.


Beeswax | Yuzu | Hazelnut | Eucalyptus Michter’s Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Imagine this: You strike a match and ignite the wick of a candle. The scents transports you to a far-off land. Imagine sipping on bourbon washed with beeswax, with a tang of yuzu, honey and hazelnut. A mist of eucalyptus completes the perfect blend.


Fig | Prunes | Creme de Peach | Umeshu Cardamom | Roku Gin

Inspired by magnets and their magnetic properties, they sourced for high iron content ingredients which were utilised in different ways. They sous-vide figs and prunes at 55°C for few hours to get intensified flavours, before adding Creme de Peach and sour Ume plum wine.

I sampled the FAQ Plastic (love it), Pink Ink, Dollar Dollar Million (my fave), Wick & Wick and Metallico from the cocktail section and also reviewed the Boneless Charcoal Ribs, Baked Camembert (such a delight), Piece of Meat (so yummy), Crack & Prawn, Beef Jerky and Beef Hash from the Bar Bites section.


Overall rating 8.9/10

Cocktail rating 9.2/10

Bar bites rating 8.6/10

Prepare to be mesmerised, and transported to a realm where the possibilities are endless, and the flavours are infinite.

Origin Bar is open from Tuesdays to Sundays, 5:30pm to 1am. For enquiries and reservations, call (65) 6213 4398 or email

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