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Kunthaville Launches the First Ceylonese Afternoon Tea in Singapore

Savour the Taste of Ceylon and Finest Ceylon Tea since 1867

We had a tea meeting with Ms. Kuntha Chelvanathan, Founder and Chef Owner, who ingeniously designed the Tea Room all by herself, featuring custom-made rattan and teak furniture that exude understated elegance, and decided to try the Paris Rose Afternoon Tea one afternoon.

So this tea tasting session Ceylonese style is the first ever in Singapore and it’s called the Kunthaville Afternoon Tea after the founder's name and they have it usually between 3.30pm and 5.30pm daily. I tried some Mini cupcakes infused with Kunthaville's Signature Paris Rose and Midnight Vanilla teas and also some pretty special Authentic Ceylonese delicacies, including beetroot cutlets, Jackfruit balls, vegan mutton rolls, Dutch Gundappams, chilli cheese toast which is a traditional snack found in Sri Lanka

So I tried a few of their teas; first two are single varietals and the rest are blended.. we love the Rose and also the Vanilla.. Kunthaville White is their tea plantation in Sri Lanka...

Tasting Notes and Information

Teas 1 & 2. Silver Tips and Golden Tips Pure Ceylon White Tea is the purest and most natural form of tea because it undergoes minimal processing, preserving its natural goodness. Silver Tips and Golden Tips are renowned for their rarity, purity, and unique flavours, earning them a legendary reputation over time.

These teas are the most delicate among loose leaf teas, crafted entirely from tender spring buds at the tips of the tea plants, harvested from the pristine high-elevation mountains of Ceylon. They represent the highest grade of white tea, consisting entirely of newly sprouted leaf buds. What sets the two apart is a single additional step in the handling process after the buds are picked. In the case of Silver Tips, handpicked buds are allowed to dry under the tropical mountain sun, carefully supervised by experienced teamakers, making it the purest and least processed form of tea.

On the other hand, Golden Tips undergo one extra step in the process: they are gently misted with the best golden brews of the estate while they bask in the sun. Although a seemingly simple step in principle, this process is labour-intensive and demands years of experience to master, which is why Golden Tips are even rarer and often more expensive than Silver Tips.

3. Paris Rose The most luxurious golden tips white tea infused with edible red rose petals, blue cornflowers and a hint of real strawberry essence. Rose petals are rich in antioxidants.

4. Moroccan Mint The rare and distinctive fusion of Silver Tips and Green Tea sprinkled with real mint leaves and marigold flower petals.

5. Midnight Vanilla Pure vanilla interlaced with the most luxurious Golden Tips and black tea pekoe, emboldened by corn flowers and marigold petals.

6. Snow-White Jasmine Pure white delicate and fragrant Jasmine flowers fused with the rare and unique composition of Silver Tips and Green Tea. Jasmine is inhaled to improve mood, reduce stress, and reduce food cravings.

By knowing the tea process you appreciate the teas much more.. honestly..

While relaxing, guests can explore the history of the shophouse building and immerse

themselves in the vibrant stories and traditions of Ceylonese culture. Kunthaville has curated an afternoon tea experience that transforms your visit into a cultural exploration and culinary celebration, making it perfect for food enthusiasts with adventurous palates, history buffs intrigued by stories of the past, or anyone seeking a unique culinary adventure.

Housed in a century-old colonial-style conserved shophouse in the historic Little India district, Kunthaville is a multi-concept lifestyle and dining destination that offers Ceylonese fine-dining, Ceylon tea appreciation, and holistic wellness programs. The 55-seater restaurant pays homage to the culinary heritage of Ceylonese cuisine, drawing inspiration from diverse ethnic cultures and the influences of the Dutch and Portuguese, who once ruled Ceylon, the former name of Sri Lanka. It is a celebration of flavours, techniques, and natural, plant-based ingredients indigenous to Ceylon.

Paying tribute to the architectural heritage of the 3,000 sq ft two-storey shophouse and the rich culinary legacy of Ceylonese cuisine and Ceylon tea dating back to 1867, Kunthaville offers an immersive experience that goes beyond the ordinary in this historical and cultural precinct.

The heritage shophouse features a charming covered porch and an entrance flanked by lush banana trees and outdoor patio garden tables and chairs, creating a tranquil atmosphere for your visit. The restaurant's interiors are a nod to the colonial era, with a captivating black and white design reminiscent of the times of British rule, just like British rule in Ceylon before it was renamed as Sri Lanka.

Enter this welcoming haven where colonial-inspired interiors seamlessly blend with a sprawling feature wall filled with verdant foliage. In the Cocktail Lounge, you will find handpicked plush sofas of varying colours and designs, creating an eclectic and inviting atmosphere. Serving as a gathering place for well-heeled and discerning guests, the lower level boasts a distinctive bar counter adorned with intricately carved motifs reminiscent of Ceylon. Experience a thoughtfully curated selection of beverages that includes both classic and locally-inspired concoctions, featuring signature cocktails and Kunthaville tea.

Dining in Kunthaville, which exudes the charm of yesteryears, you will feel the echoes of

history resonating through the walls, inviting you to step back in time while savouring modern-day culinary delights. Kunthaville's culinary offerings pay heartfelt tribute to the rich heritage of Ceylonese cuisine, prepared with authentic recipes cherished over generations. Each dish tells a story, a narrative of flavours that reflects the vibrant history and tapestry of Ceylonese culture.

Originating from the vibrant North and East regions of Sri Lanka, the culinary journey is enriched by the abundance of local produce. The fertile land yields an array of rice varieties, a variety of vibrant vegetables, fiery chilies, fragrant onions, and a medley of succulent fruits. Furthermore, the region boasts an abundant supply of coconut and palmyra palms, adding a unique richness to Ceylonese cuisine at Kunthaville.

What sets Kunthaville apart is its commitment to plant-based Ceylonese cuisine that makes it stand out and resonate with global audiences. Catering to the growing trend among the local community and international visitors who lean towards plant-based preferences, it offers a contemporary twist on traditional dishes that celebrate the essence of these flavours while also honouring the rich culinary heritage of Ceylonese cuisine. For centuries, Ceylonesemenus have made use of wild and organically grown ingredients like jackfruits, mangoes,coconuts, bananas and beetroots and blending them with spices and herbs for varied flavours; this is pretty apparent when we partook for the Ceylonese snacks and hi-tea that came long with our menu.

While Kunthaville features a carefully curated menu with signature dishes that harken back to the must-have favourites characterising Ceylonese cuisine, it is not just about food; it is alsoabout tea. The restaurant embraces the Ceylon Tea Plantation legacy, offering an exquisiteselection of Ceylon teas to complement the menu, providing guests with the ultimategastronomic journey. The exclusive tea selection of 10 varieties, deftly curated by Kuntha who tasted over 50 versions before handpicking the 10 that are now available at Kunthaville, is also a testament to this belief. From herbal infusions that calm the soul to rare, handpicked teas that invigorate the senses, Kunthaville offers a holistic journey for the health-conscious andwellness seekers.

Kunthaville will regularly host lifestyle and wellness workshops for its guests. It is more than just a restaurant; it is a quintessential destination for celebrating life's special moments, be it dining, weddings, or events. Whether it's Deepavali, Christmas, a wedding celebration, or any other joyous occasion, Kunthaville is ready to help make these moments memorable with its special event offerings.

For the current promotion, you can now enjoy the Flavours of Kunthaville Tea Tasting Experience (hosted by Founder and Chef Owner Ms Kuntha Chelvanathan, starting from 24 March 2024, 3 to 4pm (Once a fortnight) at Kunthaville.

Highlights: Free Flow of Tea Tasting of 6 tea varieties for an hour, $25 per person

For more information about Kunthaville, please visit

Address: 18 Veerasamy Road, Singapore 207326


Instagram: Kunthaville

Opening Hours: 10am to 9pm

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