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I'm Kim : Review

With beautiful lights and decorative ornaments at its entrance, I’m Kim showcased a level of aesthetic artistry even from outside the restaurant. Aptly, the establishment is located just beside the School of the arts.

The wonderful decor of the place is only outclassed by the quality of food they offer.

Banchan and Jjigae

Banchans (side dishes) and Jjigaes (soups) are part of the Korean cuisine. While it may seem like side dishes and soups are only meant to complement the main dishes, the banchans at I’m Kim are delicacies in their own right. You’ll find the usual kimchi, tteokbokki, pancake, japchae (sweet potato noodles) that make up a Korean spread. On top of that, patrons can also help themselves to a colourful plate of sushi. The highlight of the banchans is the Signature wings. Calling these wings a “scene stealer” is no exaggeration as some hungry customers have gone to I’m Kim solely for these delicious bites.

The jjigaes on the other hand, offer balance to the heavy selection of meats. Patrons can choose from 3 different kinds of soups - ginseng tonic soup, kimchi and collagen soup. I personally love the ginseng soup. The taste is not overbearing so you can appreciate it even if you’re not fond of ginseng. The mild flavour also stirs your appetite and keeps you hungry for more.

Variety of meat

Charred meat and sizzling fat on the grill is the foundation of Korean barbecue. So it’s no surprise that I’m Kim offers a decent variety of meat. As you put your slices on the grill, you get a whiff of the smoky aromas that come when fresh meat meets a hot grill.

We started with a few slices of Galbi (short ribs), glazed with a sweet soy sauce marinade. Then we piled on the three-layered pork belly. The juices and oil that flowed out of the pork belly enhanced its taste even further. Just as we thought we had chosen the best slice of meat available, our host Adrian recommended his favourite – Thin sliced pork.

The flavour of this pork was strong and crisp, almost like bacon. It was delicious even without any condiments added. Once we had our first taste, we immediately ordered the next round. Be sure to order this when you’re at I’m Kim!

Drink Pairing: Makgeolli

With a good dose of heat and meat at the table, a nice beverage is recommended. There are several non-alcoholic drinks you can order at I’m Kim. These are free-flow and waiters are prompt in filling your glass when it gets low. Alternatively, you can choose to get some alcohol to pair with your food. We had some Makgeolli, poured onto small cups for easy and traditional consumption. Makgeolli is a milky rice wine that is low in alcohol content so you can kick back with a few cups without feeling buzzed. If you prefer your drinks strong, there is Hite beer and soju available too.

Concluding thoughts

I’m Kim is a meat lover’s paradise. Their selection of meat leaves everyone satisfied and their banchans are amazing. The buffet is very reasonably priced and you’ll find it hard to get a better deal in the area for the quality of food offered. We had a wonderful time at I’m Kim and after a hearty meal, we couldn’t help but plan our next visit.

Head on down to I’m Kim at 1 Zubir Said Drive #01-04 School of The Arts, 227968

For a halal option, head over to their Captain Kim outlet at 300 Tampines Ave 5, #01-06 NTUC Income Tampines Junction, Singapore

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