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House of Strauss Museum & Dining at Casino Kulinarium

On October 26, 2023, Vienna, the renowned world capital of music, unveiled its latest cultural gem, the House of Strauss. This interactive museum pays tribute to the illustrious Strauss family, renowned for composing timeless masterpieces such as "The Blue Danube".

Together with renowned exhibition planners and the experts from WISF (Viennese Institute for Strauss Research), an interactive exhibition was created to allow visitors and enthusiasts around the world to sample and attest to the story of the Strauss dynasty with strong hints of their legacy coming alive around you, the visitor.

The House of Strauss blends light classical music in the form of regular concerts (throughout 2024), fine dining in the Casino Kulinarium restaurant under head chef Stefan Glantschnig – with a beautiful outdoor dining area – as well as an interactive show that brings the cultural legacy of the Strauss dynasty to life.

A multi-sensory experience over 2,000 m²

Visiting the House of Strauss and wandering through the rooms takes you into a world of 19th century entertainment culture in Vienna, featuring scenes from ballrooms, concert halls and stories from that period. A specially created app in several languages guides visitors through the entire exhibition. The tour is narrated by Thomas Strauss, the great-great-great-great-grandson of Johann Strauss I.

The multimedia backdrop features acoustics and animated visuals, LED walls and sculptures shown via projection areas make it possible to experience the zeitgeist in all senses of the term. Visitors take part interactively: either as performers in an operetta, on the digital music stand or other areas that encourage participation.

A Glimpse into the World of Strauss:

The House of Strauss-Museum, located in Vienna's Döbling district, immerses visitors in the rich tapestry of 19th-century Vienna. From ballrooms and concert halls to stories of that era, the museum offers a multimedia experience that captures the essence of the time. Unlike traditional music exhibits, visitors actively become part of the scenery, participating in operettas digitally, experimenting with digital music stands, and engaging with interactive stations to develop a new appreciation for music.

The Octagon Experience:

At the heart of the 1837-built Casino Zögernitz lies the Octagon, where the legendary "The Blue Danube" waltz by Johann Strauss Jr., Vienna's unofficial anthem, comes to life. Eduard Strauss, the great-grandson of Johann Strauss, lends his voice to this iconic piece, accompanied by a text display. The Viennese waltz – both the music and dance – is the epitome of Viennese and UNESCO World Heritage.  Interior designer Denis Košutić is responsible for giving the House of Strauss that finishing touch.

From the Octagon, visitors enter the Strauss Hall, an acoustically brilliant space that has undergone two and a half years of meticulous restoration. Its grandeur, with stunning ceiling frescoes and shimmering crystal chandeliers, harks back to the opulent ball and concert nights, now bathed in a fresh light. Using state-of-the-art technology, the Maestro virtually presents his most famous compositions on a grand stage with LED walls and digital 3D avatars.

"The Blue Danube" is perhaps the most famous work of the composer dynasty Johann Strauss and Sons. Dedicated to the comprehensive work of the Strauss family, the splendid ball and concert nights of the past, and Vienna's role as the leading music capital, the new interactive museum "House of Strauss" in Vienna's 19th district, Döbling, unfolds in the original and meticulously restored spaces of Casino Zögernitz.

The Ballroom was a venue where the Strauss family, along with many other musicians and composers like Joseph Lanner and Carl Michael Ziehrer, directed and played. House of Strauss is the new museum for Vienna's musical landmark.


German: from 10 o´clock on every full hour

English: from 10:30 on every half hour

Starting in February 2024, the Strauss Hall will host concerts.

Casino Kulinarium

Since its reopening in April 2023, the Casino Kulinarium has been catered for by toque chef Stefan Glantschnig. Dishes, ingredients and flavors that have been popular in Vienna dating back to the k+k era but which are increasingly being forgotten are reinterpreted and tastefully presented by him. This restaurant will feature Viennese cuisine with influences from our neighboring countries - newly interpreted and given a new meaning and taste.

We sampled the awesome dinner here provided by Chef Felix with my host Glenn. The English Menu is not ready, so I will use the Austrian version to share...

We had the KLARE RINDSSUPPE, comprising of Speckknödel, Grießnockerl, Frittaten. Schnittlauch und Wurzelgemüse; and then we had the SPANFERKELRÜCKEN consisting of Erdäpfel-Schwammerlstrudel, Babykarotte, Liebstöckelol, Bratnsafti ajnd last the ZWIEBELROSTBRATEN including this in the dish was Schupfnudeln, Rostbratensoße, frisches Gemüse, Röstzwiebel,

A full-on wonderful amazing experience at this all-new thematic museum called the House of Strauss in the 19th District of Vienna.


House of Strauss at the Casino Zögernitz

Döblinger Hauptstraße 76

1190 Vienna


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