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Gake: Review

Two cultures meet on every plate

Gake is here to imagine Japanese Cuisine by infusing European cooking techniques and local flavours. Dishes on the menu are created with one main component and enhanced with a maximum of three other elements. Diners can expect explosions of flavour as the two cultures meet on their plates.

Seasonality and simplicity

Seasonality and simplicity are central to the philosophy at Gake. They are passionate about cooking with rare, seasonal ingredients and love how they can inspire new dishes. When creating the GAKE concept, Chef Angus Chow was focused on keeping things simple to achieve excellence.

Touch of local flavour

Chef Angus is obsessed with the harmony between the local and international cuisines. He drew a lot of inspiration from his travels all around the globe through the years. Being an advocate of local food, Chef Angus Chow creatively infused the local flavour to the cuisine.

Japanese dining reimagined

What sets them apart from these Japanese dishes is the infusion of local flavours. Angus’ extraordinary skills birthed from the curiosity on how the marriage of different cuisines produce versatility that anyone’s taste buds will surely love. His dishes are known to display simplicity and class. He won the Chef of the Year title at the 18th World Gourmet Summit Awards of Excellence, 2018.

Simplicity is the key here, and this is the $98 Omakase menu. Yes make no mistake, $98 per pax Omakase. In this day and age where Omakase menus cost $168 and above in other fine dining Japanese restaurants (going up to $450-500), this looks like a steal looking at the comprehensive quality of the above menu we were offered. Let’s go through the taste taste first.

To start off, we were served the Nanben Zuke which is a Cold Chicken Appetizer. It is not listed on the Omakase and is actually a complimentary starter to cleanse the palatte.

Another “complimentary” dish Monk Fish Liver was served next. We were beginning to enjoy the PR skills of Chef Angus by now, and he really knows how to say the right words to make us happy and come back again.

Hiroshima Oyster with Sesame Ponzu and Nashi Pear. Big and juicy and bursting with freshness in terms of structure and texture. Wow! Kudos to Chef Angus.

Hamachi Crudo with Sesame Soy Dressing and Herbs. It was fresh and the flavours simply melted in the mouth.

We were served another surprise. Instead of a Pantagonian Toothfish with Asean Relish and Chilli OR Hokkaido Scallop with Laksa Foam and Beni Shoga, we were served BOTH dishes, again compliments of Chef Angus. This Chef is a Rock Star!

We enjoyed both dishes very much. We had already made up our minds that we will be coming back, no matter what the outcome of the other mains we will be served later on.

A Dassai 50 needs no introduction. This Sake paired really well with the food so far.

Maitake Mushroom – also known as Hen of the Wood was served next. Sprinkled with Curry Salt, this was a pretty healthy dish.

The next 2 sakes were fuller bodied and more intense and paired really well with our mains.

Again another surprise, instead of a USDA Short Rib with Hayashi Style and Summer Vegetables OR Iberico Pork Jowl with Aka Miso and HK Kailan, we were served BOTH dishes to allow us to try out and appraise them.

The USDA Short Ribs was braised for 4 hours and demi glazed in Hainan style. It was really soft, juicy and tender on the inside.

Well we were pretty stuffed by now, and now presented with Chef Angus’ Signature Truffle Hiyashi Soumen with Tobiko and Avruga Caviar. Avruga seems to be the flavour of the quarter, given the number of times we saw this served at other restaurants. It was rich and creamy and bursting with umami flavours.

To finish off with dessert, we were absolutely sure we had gained at least 2kg this evening. Dessert of the day served with immaculate plating layout and tasted just as good as it looks. Yuzu Sorbet with Lemon Cake. Ooh Lala……

For Reservations:

36 Carpenter St, #01-01, Singapore 059915 Mon — Sat, 5pm until late Sun – Closed 6781 3603

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