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Das LOFT - SO/ Vienna

Das LOFT is a true gem that sits atop on the 18th floor of the SO/ Vienna, one can have a relaxed meal, breakfast, tea, brunch, exclusive drinks, delicious snacks and exquisite dinner, over sunrise or sunset with a holistic bird's eye view of the entire Imperial city of Vienna, truly an icon that all modern Viennese are talking about.


Located on the 18th floor, Das LOFT is the culinary highlight. The restaurant as well as the bar are the real hotspots for connoisseurs and friends of innovative cuisine and drinks with a twist. Das LOFT offers a breathtaking 360° panoramic view of the city. Das LOFT invites you to discover the imperial city of Vienna from a bird’s eye view. With a relaxed breakfast or brunch, exclusive drinks, delicious snacks and exquisite dinner, you can watch the sunrise and sunset.

On the bar side you can experience a unique combination of exceptional crafted bar food and drinks with the high energy of the rooftop bar and lounge that makes us to the undisputed local favourite place to enjoy, entertain and celebrate the moment. The video screen at the top of the ceiling was truly apparent of it's finesse and modern tech feel, so you can truly have a wonderful experience looking out into the city of Vienna and also within the bar top floor as well, which gives a total emotive sensation that you are at the top of the world!

At Das LOFT, the minimalistic interior design allows one to embrace and indulge in the energetic splendor of Vienna. In the night, the colourful ceiling of Pipilotti Rist merges into the sea of lights of the vibrant city and your heart beats to the sound of the DJ.

The modern concept of Das LOFT is reflected in the creative menu with a distinctive twist. Always changing with the seasons, the menu features some classics with a modern approach. The bar food makes you want to have more and the desserts are sweet and savoury artworks on a plate that tell stories. The restaurant serves breakfast, brunch and dinner indoor with an unmatched view over the city.

For starters we had the Laurent-Perrier La Cuvee Champagne, which was an excellent beginner, so refreshing, nice acidity, fulfilling bursting with lemon and begonia taste. The Bar had a new "food-centric" cocktail menu and they wanted me to try it badly so I did them the honour, and had the Strawberries and Greek Yoghurt, it was so very tasty with brand, strawberry muscat wine, which shone brightly in structure and acidity, along with honey, rooibos tea, lemon and greek yoghurt - honestly this is the best cocktail I have tasted in the past 5 years, so the Rosette Media rating for this Cocktail is 9.3/10

Next, I then tried the Cinque Terre Crostata, which was bursting with limoncello, vanilla, lime, champagne, lemon and coconut espuma. This was another classique so I can tell you that all their cocktails here are super amazing, innovative, taste like food, which means they exude taste, fulfilment and a strong finish.

For the Bar Food, I tried the Soft Shell Crab which had a Bao Bun, Wasabi, Mayo and Trout Cavier, simply heavenly. Then I tried the Pork Belly with Kumquat, topinambur, sesame and sweet & sour sauce, and also had the wonderful Rib Eye, with truffle sauce, pommes and garlic mayo - so yummy, by this time, I was already very full! so much to eat and so fulfilling! With the great view and the good presentation of my meals, I wasn't sure which to focus on...

At Das LOFT you can embrace a 360° view over the city and explore the most exciting landmarks of the city. At the restaurant, the old town and St Stephen’s Cathedral are within reach. From the Das LOFT Bar you have the perfect view to the colourful and playful Prater.

Vincent & Marcela - Das Loft Bar Managers both played host to me on the bar side and on the restaurant side, with Das Loft bar host - Amelie giving me the most attention all evening, culminating in a wonderful experience to enjoy the cocktails, drinks and bar food one at the top of the world!


The LOFT Restaurant and Bar

Praterstraße 1

1020 Vienna

18th floor of SO/ Vienna

+43 1 90 616 8110

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