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Crazy Rich Thai Cafe

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

The latest Thai-inspired gourmet outlet that boasts a wild and daring menu is none other than Crazy Rich Thai, where traditional Western flavours and Thai flavours are superbly juxtaposed with refinement tailored in a spoon of unexpected ingredients and menu-play culinary twists.. right in the heart of Orchard Road, at Paragon.

Positioned as the next preferred trendy hangout café in Singapore, to see and to be seen, the crazy names that come out of the menu is a true testament to how serious they take fun and position at the next level, with the right concoction and display it with a twist with wonderful creative colors but yet retaining the originality of using well-chosen Thai and Asian ingredients, but what truly stands out is their ability to bring out good taste, structure and balance, to the consumer.

Taking on a creative and fun approach, which is as awesome an ambience as the restaurant design and theme, the chefs have designed a menu comprising of bizarre names like Crazy Rich Phad Thai, Gold Digger Banana Pudding, Tycoon’s Fish Burger and Wealthy Weeping Tiger Beef Salad, as melodious as it sounds which are synonymous with the main overall branding of Crazy Rich Thai, thus evoking a sense of adventure, amusement and fun...

We tried the THE-MILLIONAIRE Chatter Platter for our first course, which consisted of Thai chicken satay, spring rolls, fish cake, thai crispy duck rice cracker and chicken wings; simply yummy. The Mussel Corn Fritter was unique with the deep fried sweet corn in umamu mussel and that resonated well with our taste buds, with a good crunch! The Green Chicken Curry Prata was special for me, given that it's the first time that I see fluffy roti prata served with Thai chicken green curry; just immaculate! Next, we had the brilliant Crispy Guchal Chive Cake which has its origins from the pan fried chinese chives rice cake combined with sweet soy sauce; yet another twist from the menu planners.

We had a super big and tasty squid that came with Thai bbq dressing, and well grilled! super love it! The Filthy-Rich Lobster Linguine, filled with Linguine pasta and a whole lobster tail in rich creamy lobster sauce, was just amazing! One of the most awesome dishes is the BLUE-BLOOD Seafood Stew - we knew we had to order it the moment we saw it and it never disappointed ; filled to the brim with seafood bisque styled stew with entire whole lobster tail, tiger prawns, squid, clams, mussels and seared scallops, it truly delivered, our fave dish at this restaurant!

However, the signature dish at Crazy Rich Thai is actually the Signature Beef Kway Teow Soup - a well cooked broth-like complexion that includes a traditional Thai-styled beef kway teow soup with fresh beef slices, beef balls, kang kong and sprouts; just classique!

For desserts which is the perfect indulgence especially in Thai-inspired cuisine, we went for the Big Apple Crumble Crepe which simply oozed with a series of crepes dipped with apple crumble and vanilla sauce; just succulent! We also tried the Jackfruit Khao Niao which is basically fresh jackfruit stuffed with sweet thai glutinous rice, truly delicious!

For drinks and beverages, we tapped on our senses, to choose what makes sense, given the huge menu offering on the list, and tried the Pandan Milk Tea, Summer Lime with Passion Soda and Boba, Doctor's Irish Coffee and the Dirty Matcha, such uncanny nomenclature, but we simply adored it!

Crazy Rich Thai opens daily from 9am – 10pm


290 Orchard Rd, #01-25/25A Paragon, Singapore 238859

FOR RESERVATIONS pls contact : +65 6235 4078

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