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Ananas Republic Pineapples

We are super excited to feature one of the best superfoods in Asia right now – the Ananas Republic Pineapple. What’s the USP of this brand?

The brand is made up of a group of highly passionate individuals who are madly in love with Pineapples, and also avid fans of healthy living. Having grown up in Pekan Nanas (also known as Pineapple Town in the local language), a small town in Malaysia, with a rich history of farming Pineapples, the Founders grew up with a deep knowledge and undying passion for pineapples.

Pineapples are like roses with thorns, (as most Pineapples tends to “cut” or hurt your mouth/tongue), as such, they have searched globally to find that special unique “rose” clad in “silk”, smooth with the finest fibres. This special breed of Pineapples has its roots all the way from Costa Rica, the world’s leading Pineapples producer, also know as the “Holy Grail” of Pineapples.

It is here, where we bring you, proudly, the best of its breed, popularly known as MD2 for its natural sweet taste and flavourful aroma. The Founders having found the best breed of MD2 Pineapples, were the 1st to bring into the country; along with the mission to aid the agricultural economy of their beloved Pineapple Town (Pekan Nanas).

Through years of meticulous farming & research, the Founders perfected their farming techniques and maintain 97% DNA similarities to that of the original seed. To top that off, these Pineapples are packed with Bromelain which contains anti-inflammatory properties, as well as a significant amount of antioxidants.

With the objective of healthy living and premium natural food in mind, it was decided that we are compelled to share these benefits to the world. To bring you the freshest, sweeter and healthier food. This is truly a powerful fruit : Ananas Republic Pineapples! Honestly speaking, we have never eaten such naturally sweet pineapples before, without the “cut” so this is super amazing and highly recommended!

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