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The Glen Grant 21


The Glen Grant Distillery, located in the heart of Speyside, has announced the momentous launch of its new 21-Year-Old single malt scotch whisky. Now the oldest expression in the core collection, the 21-Year-Old signals the start of a new era of exploration for the 180-year-old distillery and is now available in Singapore at select retailers.

THE GLEN GRANT LEGACY Driven by a singular vision for over 180 years, The Glen Grant distillery harnesses a constant pursuit to create the most singular, aromatic and evocative single malts. Inspired by the legacy of ‘The Major’ James Grant – the visionary and eccentric driving force which set the brand in its ingenious path – we bring together inspiration from around the world creating exceptional and intriguing whiskies celebrating the spirit of innovation. This globally- inspired character is what separates The Glen Grant

from many of its Speyside neighbours and has guided it along a distinctive path, defining its lasting legacy since 1840.

After his journeys to faraway locations, The Major would gather an eclectic collection of fruits and plants, which he brought back to Rothes and showcased in his personally- designed Victorian glasshouses and later in a 27-acre garden sitting at the heart of the distillery. Today, a walk in the famous Glen Grant Garden brings to life the Major’s legacy and his lifelong passion for exploration, and a collection of unique flora not found in any other whisky distillery in Scotland.

THE OLDEST EXPRESSION WITHIN ITS PERMANENT RANGE The creation of The Glen Grant 21-Year-Old represents a definitive moment in the evolution of The Glen Grant and marks a new chapter in its story. Sitting at the gateway to the prestige expressions of The Glen Grant portfolio, this 21-Year-Old joins the 10, 12, 15 and 18 Year Old family of single malt whiskies and sets the tone for a range of innovative new releases set to be unveiled from 2023 onwards.

For Master Distiller Dennis Malcom OBE, this also marks a proud achievement in his more than 60- year tenure. In creating a whisky with such pride and honour, as showcased meticulously in this 21- Year-Old, he has sought to preserve those elements which make our single malt the whisky it is today, testament to his quest to ensure the utmost quality. In hand-selecting the perfect combination of oloroso sherry butts, hogshead and ex-Bourbon barrels from Warehouse Number 4, the oldest traditional stone dunnage warehouse at the distillery, Dennis has married together the spirit to create the captivating flavours which bring to life an intensity of fruity character.

Commenting on this release, Master Distiller Dennis Malcolm, said, “This 21-Year-Old whisky marks a highly significant moment in time for The Glen Grant and one which will pave the way for a new era. This is an exciting development and one which I know will take us forward into the future with pride and passion. Each one of our whiskies tells its own story and reveals its very own flavour journey defined by a captivating character, with unfolding layers and surprising complexity. I’m proud and thrilled to be able to share this wonderful whisky with the world and continue our commitment to consistent quality which I believe truly sets us apart.”

We were taken on a journey of the Glen Grant 12, 15, 18 and 21, and were simply astonished and taken aback by the quality and finesse of this amazing Single Malt whisky....the different years showed maturity and demonstrated with an entire suite of different notes, tastes, scent and character. My personal favourite was the 18 years with lots of spice at the middle palate (note: not the end), liquorice and honey with a strong distinctive finish, and lots of folks love the 15 years..

BOTTLING & TASTING NOTES Bottled at 46%, natural in colour and non-chill filtered, this 21-Year-Old is married in small batches to preserve the integrity of the refined flavours and to ensure absolute quality. All of this is done on site at the Rothes-based distillery, reinforcing the exquisitely singular ethos of The Glen Grant.

The resulting character is of a tropical flair, beginning with aromas of sweet ripe peaches, toffee and raisins which leads to an explosion of rich tropical fruits, such as coconut, and creamy butter note to taste. A soft welcoming mouthfeel alludes to a long enduring finish of caramelised crème brulée. Nose – Sweet ripe peaches, toffee and raisins Palate – Soft welcoming mouth feel with an explosion of rich tropical fruits and creamy butter notes

Finish – Long enduring finish of caramelised crème brulee

AVAILABILITY The Glen Grant 21 Years Old is now available in Singapore for purchase and sampling opportunities directly via Campari Singapore RARE Division’s Sales Executive Cathy Sun at For more information visit and

ABOUT THE GLEN GRANT Brothers James and John Grant built The Glen Grant in 1840, the first distillery in the town of Rothes in Speyside. They left a legacy of ingenuity by engineering the first northern railroad and introducing electric light to both the distillery and the entire town. In 1872, heir James ‘The Major’ Grant, a charismatic innovator and adventurous traveller, inherited the business.

Through his intrepid journeys to destinations around the world, he made inspiring discoveries which led to the creation of his beloved 27-acre Garden of Splendours, the only distillery garden of its kind in Scotland. Inspired by his splendid garden, he envisioned a distinctive single malt, engineering tall, slender pot stills combined with unique water-cooling purifiers to create the evocative flavour profile that defines The Glen Grant Single Malt Scotch Whisky to this day.

Now, it is iconic master distiller Dennis Malcolm OBE, the single longest-serving distiller in Scotland, who honours the passionate spirit of The Glen Grant. His life’s work, along with the team at the Glen Grant, is in combining tradition and innovation to preserve the rare character of the whiskies, which are crafted from barley to bottle entirely on the distillery grounds, ultimately ensuring the utmost quality.

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