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Suntory Varon

The all-new Suntory Varon from Suntory Wellness in Japan

Suntory VARON is a 3-in-1 men's skincare product with a proprietary WOW technology (Water-in-Oil-in-Water), that is solely exclusive to Suntory, that combines lotion, serum, and cream in one synergistic single product, truly amazing and aesthetically convenient for men who are not pro-active in their skincare regime.

What we like about Varon is that it possesses antioxidant properties that make the skin appear firm, elastic, and smooth, as well as helping to reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

Suntory Wellness Asia Pacific, a leading company of health and beauty products from Japan, updated its new Suntory VARON range with new scent variants in Singapore revently.

The popular skincare from Japan is designed exclusively for gentlemen's skin, with a deep understanding of men's unique skin problems that require different care than those of women. To encourage more to adopt a fuss-free skincare routine, Suntory Wellness launched a “10-Day Challenge” roadshow for men to redeem free starter kits and try out the products in one synergistic single product for improved skin quality that is visible in just 10 days. They will be able to pick up their Starter Kits and experience the Suntory VARON products at a customised vending machine at the Suntory VARON Roadshow from 22 to 25 August 2023 at Guoco Tower

Mr. Ichiro Ara, General Manager, Suntory Wellness Asia Pacific, said that they are extremely excited to officially introduce the first Suntory Wellness skincare product for men to the Singapore market. VARON is a popular skincare product from Japan that is widely trusted as the leading Premium Skincare brand for Men. At Suntory, they understand that the unique skin concerns for men are different from those of women. Hence, they developed the VARON all-in-one skincare product, for the busy modern men, that is convenient and easy to use with visible efficacy in as fast as 10 days. With this new product, they aim to support gentlemen to reclaim their confidence and enhance their image with better-looking skin, which was uncovered during a survey amongst Japanese men.

Designed specifically for men’s skincare Suntory VARON is manufactured in Japan and created specifically for men’s facial skincare. Formulated from Suntory's exclusive patented ingredients, namely, Suntory’s original whisky barrel wood extract made from Spanish/English oakwood used to mature whisky, with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and brightening properties. Along with that, Suntory VARON also possesses Suntory’s original oolong tea extract that prevents oxidation.

The serum also consists of useful ingredients that are beneficial to the skin, such as Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 that helps to slow down the formation of wrinkles and promotes strong, firm, and elastic skin. In addition, Inositol helps to suppress sebum secretion in sebum-rich areas around the T-Zone, as well as to stimulate sebum secretion in the U-Zone, to reduce dryness and improve facial lustre. Squalane is added as an emollient to help strengthen the natural skin barrier and retain skin moisture, helping to soften dry and rough skin to improve its texture and overall appearance; these ingredients are truly unique in its' own class to drive this revolutionary new product for men!

In addition, Suntory VARON employs the proprietary emulsification technology or WOW (Water-in-Oil-in-Water) invented by Suntory Wellness’ Research and Development team, where water is encased in oil and again encased in water. This unique molecular structure allows lotion, serum, and cream components to penetrate the skin in that order. The water texture lotion opens the skin to replenish and moisture, followed by the water texture serum that penetrates deeply into the skin layer, and, lastly, the oil texture cream locks them in the skin for a well moisturised appearance; super awesome!

Suntory VARON addresses 4 core skin problems for men including:

1. Reduce the appearance of wrinkles and sagging

2. Reduce dark spots and dullness

3. Promotes firm and smooth skin

4. Replenishes and locks in moisture for the skin

The new Suntory VARON products are available in three unique scents, each with their distinctive charms. The Original scent is a woody cotton scent, that exudes a soft and fresh tone, representing the young at heart spirit. The Classic scent is a Fougère fragrance, combining musk, fern, lavender and oakmoss, with a unique intensity and identity. The Fresh is a citrus floral scent that combines freshness, which is further enhanced with the light sweetness of Blue Rose Applause, exclusive from Suntory.

Suntory VARON is available in 2 sizes: Size 120 ml which lasts 3 months (SGD 105), and Size 20 ml which lasts 10 to 20 days (SGD 28).

For more information about Suntory VARON and purchase details, please visit:

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