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Cetaphil® Pro Ad Derma

New! Repair cream & reformulated skin restoring moisturizer

Now featuring active ingredient ad-resyl™ to balance your skin microbiome.

Made for people living with eczema, the new repair cream brings instant itch relief during flare-ups, and regular use of the skin restoring moisturizer provides intensive hydration and helps the skin retain moisture.

CETAPHIL®, the No.1 Dermatological Skincare Brand in Singapore, proudly introduces a new Repair Cream to their well-received PRO AD Derma range which consists of a Skin Restoring Wash and reformulated Skin Restoring Moisturizer. The new active ingredient Ad-Resyl™ added to the repair cream and moisturizer helps to reduce inflammation, enhance skin hydration and, importantly, restore balance in the skin microbiome. Cetaphil recommends eczema sufferers use all three PRO AD Derma products to enjoy a new level of relief and lasting protection for their troubled skin.

The new PRO AD Derma Repair Cream ($40.90, 227g) and PRO AD Derma Skin Restoring Moisturizer ($50.85, 295ml) will be retailing in March 2024 at retail partners such as Watsons, Guardian Health & Beauty, Unity, as well as official e-stores Shopee and Lazada.

“We are thrilled to launch our newest product PRO AD Derma Repair Cream and reformulated PRO AD Derma Skin Restoring Moisturizer, which embodies our commitment to provide effective and gentle skincare solutions to people suffering from eczema. The addition of the active ingredient Ad-Resyl™ in the PRO AD Derma formulation marks another milestone in our pursuit of using advanced science and technology in our products as well as strengthen our customers' trust in our specialised product range as the preferred effective solution to manage their eczema,” said Ms Agnes Tan, Country Manager of Galderma Singapore, the company behind Cetaphil®.

Proven Results Backed by Dermatologists

The Cetaphil® PRO AD Derma range has undergone rigorous dermatological testing to ensure efficacy and safety for eczema-prone skin. It is a gentle, effective regimen that has been tested worldwide, with 8 out of 10 dermatologists recommending it for eczema-prone skin.

“Eczema-prone skin exhibits an imbalance in the microbiome characterized by more harmful bacteria and a compromised skin barrier, which makes it vulnerable to inflammation. The active ingredient Ad-Resyl™ in Cetaphil® PRO AD Derma aids in rebalancing the skin microbiome to mitigate this, thus reducing eczema flares,” said Dr. Lee Hwee Chyen, Consultant Dermatologist at Epi Dermatology & Laser Specialist Clinic.

The detailed sharing by Dr. Lee, the hosting session chaired by Mong Chin and the Question and Answer session by the various media and audience was truly interactive and engaging, as it brought about awareness of the Eczema and the skin conditioning and solutions to arrest this pertinent problem amongst us, especially children.

Cetaphil® Recommends Three Steps In Managing Eczema Skin



• Clinically proven to provide non-drying cleansing

while soothing skin

• Filaggrin Technology helps to increase and retain

moisture in the skin

• Miracare Technology delivers nourishing oils and

long-lasting moisturisation in a rich foam

• Suitable for newborns



• Instant itch relief after 1st application

• Suitable to use during eczema flare-ups

• Significant barrier repair at first application with

recovery within 24 hours

• Non-greasy and absorbs easily

• Formulated with Ad-Resyl, Filaggrin Technology,

Ceramides and Colloidal Oatmeal

• Suitable for newborns



• Intensively hydrates and protects eczema-prone skin

• Suitable to use daily, including during eczema

remission periods

• A lightweight lotion to retain moisture in the skin barrier

• Formulated with Ad-Resyl, Filaggrin Technology

and Ceramides.

• Suitable for newborns

Important Terms To Know For Eczema Care

About Galderma

Galderma, the world's largest independent global dermatology company, was created in 1981 and is now present in approximately 100 countries with an extensive product portfolio of prescription medicines, aesthetics solutions and consumer care products. The company partners with healthcare practitioners around the world to meet the skin health needs of people throughout their lifetimes. Galderma is a leader in the research and development of scientifically defined and medically proven solutions for the skin. For more information, please visit

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