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Sneakertopia: Step Into Street Culture

“Sneakertopia: Step Into Street Culture” debuts in Singapore at the Arts Science Museum with a plethora of sneakers, street culture, and art, fashion, technology. Making its Asian premiere at ArtScience Museum, the exhibition celebrates creativity, self-expression, and innovation across 10 immersive and dynamic zones. Born on the streets, sneaker culture has since been driven by artists, athletes and celebrities who express their creativity and passion through sneakers and their designs.

The Welcome Area

David Kaul, The Sneaker Storyboard, 2019.

Tobyato, tobyato sneaker stone lions, 2023.

Whether status symbols or markers of identity, there is no denying the role of sneakers in defining pop and street culture today, driving a phenomenon that goes far beyond entertainment, technology, sports, hip-hop and fashion. This exhibition brings together local and international artists, creatives, contributors and brands in an extensive showcase that features over 100 limited-edition sneakers alongside close to 70 murals, installations, designs and original artworks.

The Playground

Ron Bass, The Crowning of LBJ, 2019.

Mr. Sabotage, collection of 1985 Nike Dunks, varsity flags and jackets, 2023

James Haunt, Posterised, 2019

These presentations illustrate crossovers into related genres of art, entertainment, and technology. Organised by SPACElogic in collaboration with ArtScience Museum, this exhibition was created by Emmy award-winning producer, Steve Harris, and Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur, Steve Brown – who are excited to share their love for sneakers with audiences around the world.

KICKflip (2019) mural by Jonas Never and Giant Skateboard (2019) sculpture

The Backlot

Tommii Lim, MANDO, 2023.

In addition to showcasing works by 13 top US creatives, this iteration of Sneakertopia celebrates the diversity of sneaker culture, traces its history and examines its powerful connections with various genres such as entertainment, technology, contemporary art, hip-hop, sports, and fashion. On top of works by 13 renowned U.S. creatives including McFlyy, Michael Murphy, Mimi Yoon, Tommii Lim, and smoluk,Sneakertopia offers a perspective closer to home through 17 Singaporean and locally-based creatives and contributors.

The Art + Sole Gallery I

Smoluk, The Super Large Superstar, 2019.

Josiah Chua, DREAM 777, 2023.

At Rosette Media, we showcase our fave artiste Smoluk Born and raised in France, smoluk has been based in Montreal, Canada, since 2015. Avant-garde, colourful and audacious, her pop artworks lead audiences to reflect on humanity’s impact on the Earth. She views the free and recyclable material of cardboard as a constant opportunity to create. Always outdoors, she discovers new ideas and innovative concepts on the street. This is her wonderful concept .. The Super Large Superstar, 2023 which juxtaposes and constrasts brilliantly against mini versions.. the creativity informed through material usage and colors add vibrance and couleur exquisitely. @rosettemedia @rosettasia @artsciencemuseumsg @marinabaysands

The Art + Sole Gallery II

Mimi Yoon, Give A Girl the Right Shoes and She Can Conquer the World (detail), 2019.

From artists HURUHARA, Inkten, Juls, Kristal Melson, PHUNK, soph O, and tobyato, to DJ Kiat from SYNDICATE.SG, as well as designers Pek Shun Ping (ALIVEFORM), Josiah Chua, and Mr. Sabotage, the exhibition showcases the multi-talented creatives who have helped to establish the rise of sneaker and street culture in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

The Street

Sam Lo ‘SKL0’, A Myna Rebellion, 2023.

Among those featured, 13 of these artists and contributors are showcasing never-before-seen artworks in the exhibition – ranging from murals, prints, large-scale installations and sculptures to even a DJ mixtape with tracks selected based on hip-hop artists’ influences and connections to sneaker culture. These works are shown alongside sneaker collections and artworks on loan from the likes of Mandeep Chopra, Founder and CEO of Limited Edt, The Culture Story, and award-winning popstar JJ Lin.

The Frugal Pop-Up

The Frugal Pop-Up, 2019

Featuring 10 colourful zones, Sneakertopia: Step Into Street Culture will take visitors on a creative journey through the world of sneakers and all its connected cultures, inspiring them to leave their mark on each section as they come to embrace their creativity and self-expression.

The Dream Room Michael Murphy, AIR, 2019.

Adam Fu and Steve Harris, The Dream Closet, 2019.

Ben Fearnley, Sneaker Culture, 2019.

Activity Space

A Walk in Time mural by Tell Your Children


Nadirah ‘Inkten’ Razak, Drops, 2020.


Sneakertopia will run from 25 February to 30 July 2023. Tickets are available for purchase at all Marina Bay Sands box offices and website. Guests are strongly encouraged to pre-purchase tickets online prior to their visit. For more information on Sneakertopia, visit

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