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McHenry Hohnen

Margaret River Premium Winery Spotlight – McHenry Hohnen

Julian Grounds, Head winemaker at Margaret River winery McHenry Hohnen, was awarded Dux of the 17th Len Evans Tutorial held recently in the Hunter Valley from 6th November to 10th November 2017.

The Len Evans Tutorial is carried out over an intense 5 day period. 12 scholars are selected from different areas within the wine industry such as winemaking, viticulture, liquor retailing, restaurant, marketing and journalism. These 12 scholars are then led by an experienced panel of wine gurus including James Halliday and Iain Rigg, and exposed to some of the best wines in the world.

The tutorial is designed to expose the scholars to the greatest wines in the world, further develop their wine-judging skills and encourage them to aspire to the development and support of such greatness in Australia.

The Dux is awarded to the most promising scholar throughout the tutorials. As Dux of the 2017 course, Julian has now been guaranteed judging positions at two of Australia’s most premier wine shows, the Sydney Royal Wine Show and the National Wine Show in Canberra.

Owner of McHenry Hohnen acknowledges the honour and importance of Julian receiving Dux to the winery.

“Knowing Julian Grounds now for 12 months it comes as NO surprise that he was awarded the Dux of the 2017 Len Evans Tutorial. Julian has an amazing palette and deep understanding of wine regionality importance which enables him to identify a wines’ origin.

Having this ability ensures that McHenry Hohnen are able to embrace a regionality direction with our wines and enhancing the unique sites that the grapes are grown on. Julian, in achieving this recognition, will ensure that wines made by him at MCHV will be seen to reflect his winemaking honesty by expressing the true regionality of our vineyards and importantly our viticultural practice of bio dynamics.” – Murray McHenry

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