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15 Stamford : Capitol Kempinski Singapore

Step into a New Era of Gastronomy: Launch of 15 Stamford Celebrating Culinary Innovation with Fresh Produce from Land to Sea

Helmed by Executive Sous Chef Jay Siaw, the restaurant presents the launch of a new menu, showcasing exciting new dishes to herald this exciting fresh chapter for 15 Stamford, elevating your palate to new heights as your savour the freshest land and sea produce, meticulously prepared by their talented culinary team.

Rosette Media Tasting Panel Review : 9/10 Rating (Highly Recommended)

Executive Sous Chef Jay Siaw who brings to The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore over 20 years of culinary experience. A master of fire and smoke, Chef Jay is an expert at char-grilling ingredients to accentuate their flavours and believes a dish only deserves praise if every element is prepared from scratch – from making his own chicken stock to filleting a whole fish instead of using frozen cuts.

Chef Jay spends his free time thinking of new menu ideas. He takes pride in developing never-before-seen dishes, drawing inspiration from seasonality and nostalgic flavours. In all of Chef Jay’s dishes at 15 Stamford, you will discover how skilfully he plays with flavours and textures to create an epicurean journey, and this can be testified through our lovely evening at 15 Stamford.

The restaurant's culinary masterpiece, Where The Land Meets The Sea menu debuted on 28 February 2024 and encapsulates the essence of freshness , innovation and creativity, thoroughly prepared to deliver a pleasurable dining experience for all.

Chef Jay is the visionary behind the concept; infusing his expertise and passion into every dish "We believe that a dish is only as good as its freshest element, so we want to showcase the wonders of fresh produce and make them the star of the dish," Chef Siaw remarks. "Our goal is to not only tantalise taste buds but also to evoke inspiration and create lasting memories for our guests. With the launch of 'Where The Land Meets The Sea,' we are excited to elevate our guests' dining experience to new heights."

Featuring over 50 exquisite dishes that showcase the team's masterful blend of flavours and textures, Where The Land Meets The Sea is a gastronomic adventure that highlights and enhances the distinct flavours of every fresh ingredient. From inviting starters to hearty mains and indulgent desserts, each dish is a testament to the culinary artistry and dedication to quality.

Our Tasting Menu

We had the first signature appetiser, the Hiramasa Kingfish, which came elevated with Green Onion Purée, Puffed Rice Crackers, Yuzu Ponzu Sauce, showcasing the restaurant's innovative spirit and bold use of flavours - multi-dimensional in the taste department.

The Pan-Fried Foie Gras well paired and prevalent with an array of special ingredients from banana textures, rum & raisins, offers an intriguing blend of sweet and savoury flavours, tangy and piquant - a lively and subtle dish that makes for a successful guest appearance; I love the way the foie gras was done, pan-fried nicely toasted, and not too harsh and over-done.

As a seafood enthusiast. I thoroughly enjoyed the next dish, a Pan Fried Hokkaido Scallop that was delicately paired with Caramelized Beets and Parsley Foam, adding depth and complexity to the dish, imparting a savoury sweetness that enhances the natural flavours of the Bacalao Brandade, enhanced by the umami flavours and sweetness of the Parsley rémoulade took centre stage.

We were then invited to select from an indulgent curation of premium meat cuts, each expertly char-grilled to perfection and thoughtfully paired with an assortment of sides and sauces, so we chose to savour the succulence of the Braised Wagyu Beef Cheeks, which was gently cooked to perfection in a rich red wine sauce and served with creamy potato mousseline and roasted shallots.

The top highlight on the menu is the Char-grilled Wood Smoked Quail; it was presented in an exquisite wooden chest (I term it the Kabinet) for the ultimate wood-smoked aroma, the dish is the star of the grill items that truly elevates the dining experience, and is packed with rosemary extensions; one of the best dishes that I have tasted in 2024, so this is nicely sprinkled with flavour, not too salty yet juicy.

To conclude the culinary journey, diners with a sweet tooth can indulge in delicious and visually tantalising desserts, so we tried the Pandan Soufflé that was accompanied by lemongrass pistachio biscotti and palm sugar ice cream, truly a celebration of local flavours with a modern twist.

Our dining experience included two glasses of sommelier's choice red or white wine, per person, and I had the Markus Molitor Kinheimer Rosenberg Kabinett - a Riesling from the Mosel Region in Germany 2018 vintage - which was honey-laden, pale yellow, medium body and medium finish - nice fructose coverage along with a Chateau de la Dauphine, a powerful 90% merlot with 10@ Cabernet Franc hailing from Fronsac in Bordeaux 2014 vintage, packed with crimson red, fruity, cinnamon, subtle and well balanced.

As guests step into 15 Stamford, they are greeted by an elegant ambience with colonial architectural details and a unique retractable stained-glass ceiling, offering breathtaking surroundings. The interiors feature classic European elements alongside eclectic Asian touches, with the filigree artworks adding timeless heritage charms to the overall ambience, making it the perfect setting for guests to enjoy a delightful meal.

For a more private dining experience, 15 Stamford offers The Private Room, featuring large windows that provide abundant natural daylight and fitted with AV equipment, which can be transformed into a truly creative venue. The venue hosts up to 12 guests in a long-table setting, tastefully matched with beautifully upholstered blue chairs as a tribute to the Capitol’s fabled Blue Room.

The new Wine Terrace, a creative extension of the restaurant, is a quiet retreat for wine aficionados, or guests simply looking for an oasis in the city to enjoy a fuss-free experience of light bites, complemented by a curated wine and beverage list. This exclusive nook, featuring a wooden deck and plush furniture provides the space for one to unwind and relax, or to celebrate a special occasion.

An unforgettable dining experience; the mark of a distinctive culinary craftsman!

All prices are subject to prevailing government tax (9%) and 10% service charge.

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