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Lion Brewery : Nitro Stout

Lion Brewery Co Pioneers Craft Beer Landscape in Singapore with the Launch of Nitro Stout in Cans

Singapore-founded Lion Brewery Co is elevating the country's craft beer presence on the global stage. Breaking new ground, they are not only the first craft brewery to pioneer a canned nitro stout with in-line nitro technology, but also the first Singaporean craft beer to be distributed in Dubai.

Cold Smoke Nitro Stout - 440ML Can

With roasted malt aromas and low hop bitterness, Lion Brewery Co Nitro Stout is universally acclaimed as a delicious, easy-going beer. Originally brewed to commemorate Earth Day, this stout has since become a staple in the Lion Brewery Co core series, thanks to its smooth mouthfeel and unique flavour profile.

FromMarch 2024, beer enthusiasts can enjoy the Nitro Stout in the comfort of their own home, as Lion Brewery Co releases a canned version of the popular draught stout. This marks the first time a Singaporean craft beer brand has produced a canned Nitro Stout beer. When poured, the Cold Smoke Nitro Stout Can promises to deliver the same cascade effect and gorgeously smooth mouthfeel as the draught version.

The genesis of this unique drinking experience lies in cutting-edge canning technology perfected at Lion Brewery Co UK partner production facility. A recent advancement embraced by only a select number of breweries globally, the process involves infusing liquid nitrogen - stored at a chilling -196 degrees Celsius - into the can just before it is sealed. This distinctive nitrogen dosing, as opposed to traditional CO2, results in a creamy cascade when the beer is poured.

Lion Brewery Co Nitro Stout not only boasts exceptional taste but also reflects the brand's dedication to innovation and environmental sustainability. An interesting feature of this brewing innovation is the elimination of the plastic widget insert commonly found in traditional nitro cans. By avoiding these additions, Lion Brewery Co emphasises eco-friendly packaging and ensures the can is more easily recyclable.

For the perfect pour, consumers are advised to follow a simple pre-opening ritual. The beer should be gently rotated several times and then poured into a glass to enhance the cascade effect. This technique, reminiscent of the traditional draught stout pour, improves the Nitro Stout's cascade, resulting in a creamy, tight head – the quintessential hallmark of a carefully poured stout - and a smooth mouthfeel.

Lion Brewery Co is excited to announce the release of the Nitro Stout in cans, now available online for purchase. A case of 12 x 440ml can be acquired for $110 at For individuals seeking instant satisfaction, the Nitro Stout is already on offer at selected bars, restaurants, and hotels across Singapore.

First Singaporean Craft Beer Brand Available in Dubai

Lion Brewery Co continues its global expansion, having secured its position as the first Singaporean craft beer brand available in Dubai. Through a strategic distribution partnership with African & Eastern, one of the largest distributors in the Middle East, Lion Brewery Co products hit the shelves in Autumn last year. Exclusively available in African & Eastern retail stores initially, plans are underway to expand availability to

on-trade establishments such as bars, restaurants, and hotels in the coming months, as well as to expand into other parts of the UAE.

“The reception in Dubai to our Pale Ale and Island Lager has been fantastic, with demand almost outpacing supply. We are glad to be able to bring our premium and independent beers to beer consumers in the UAE, with additional products slated for launch later this year,” said Will Julius, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Lion Brewery Co, "and we are equally excited about the introduction of our Nitro Stout cans. The Nitro Stout market is large in Singapore and yet historically there has been very little choice for Stout drinkers, so we are delighted to be able to offer them a delicious, easygoing Nitro Stout.

This step forward in our commitment to innovative brewing experiences reflects our dedication to delivering diverse and high-quality beer that elevates every experience”.

In celebration of this milestone, Lion Brewery Co will be hosting a launch party hosted by Nusa Indonesian Grill on Saturday, 16 March from 3 PM to 7 PM.

Guests can be one of the first in Singapore to experience the nitro-stout beer while indulging in mouthwatering dishes from Nusa's kitchen. There will also be exciting giveaways and games for guests to win prizes.

Event Details:

Date: Saturday, 16 March 2024

Time: 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Location: Nusa Grill, 70 Collyer Quay, #01-03, Singapore 049323

Additionally, Lion Brewery Co will be hosting a St. Patrick's Day event on 17 March where the Nitro Stout will be available on the menu.

Follow Lion Brewery Co Taproom on Instagram for more information and updates.


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