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Hopscotch (Capitol)

Our latest culinary adventure takes us to the arcade mall of former- Capitol Theatre where we discover the gem of a lovely gateway to Singapore-style craft cocktails and decadent grilled food, termed Hopscotch. The name is special, unique, non-assuming and befitting of the overall concept, style, cuisine and taste.

Hopscotch was founded in 2014 by former Bar Stories bartenders Roger, Louis, Kino and Joel. The bar which previously only served alcoholic beverages was located within the courtyards of Red Dot Traffic building. Since then, Hopscotch has retained its initial concept of bringing you interesting and whimsical local themed craft cocktails. Starting with their first menu, they have since launched a different cocktail menu every year. In 2021, Hopscotch opened another outlet at Capitol Theatre in March 2021, a beautiful open space sheltered by an airconditioned atrium. The 2000+ sqft space features a mezzanine and boasts a seating capacity of 130 people.

At Hopscotch, they view meals as more than just sustenance - they view these opportunities as moments for socializing, bonding and have a great time. We brought the entire gang over one fine evening to see what's the fanfare and wonder=works and rizz behind this popular restaurant eatery and cocktail joint. We like the very fact that they lift the overall Singaporean identity through their food, drinks and community spirit, which is also part of the mission and vision.

Essentially, they are a restaurant and a craft cocktail bar, but they do curate and prepare great tasting food and drinks that were meticulously delivered with fresh and quality ingredients, skilled techniques and methodologies, and naturally service was well thought-out and provided by their dedicated team with warm, friendly and homely service standards.

Hopscotch is a charming place, friendly, heart-warming and cosy, a place where friends and family gather, for food, drinks and chatter, and that's what resonated with us, when we were there, awaiting our bevy of specially-curated cocktails, that came along with ooohs, ahhhs and wows!.... from the Garden Sling, to the Garden Rhapsody, to Last Man Standing, to Heartland Signature, Headway Hopper to Lion City Tiki and Summer Fling, they all carried fancy names, creative names but most importantly, good cocktails, snazzy and generous!

We were fascinated with the plethora of fine starter dishes that we sampled : Raw Hyogo Oysters (so tasty), Saffron Lobster Bisque (immaculate and i have always loved hot bisque without being too fishy or too much wild flavor, so this was just nice), Summer Asian Salad (refreshing to the last bit), Truffled Buratta (for the texture, oomph), Wild Mushroom Soup with Truffles (I love mushroom soups, so this was just classique)

The Chili Lobster Linguine was exactly what we wanted it - tasty yet flavourful with the right sweetness coming from the lobster.. the Kapitan Omu Risotto was delicious with a homely feel, the Limefish and Lime Ravioli was fantastic and provided the right notes in terms of taste structure, the Truffle Furikake Linguine was another classique, the Wagyu Meatball Marinana, something quite different but packed with the right dash of umami for a Marinana and the Wild Mushroom Risotto, simple but elegant with a good dash of peanuts to end with the bite..

When we moved on to the Main Dishes, the first one was the Barramundi Fish and Chips - it was just right, lovely,..the Black Garlic Rib Eye Steak, was just ice, medium well to medium rare, the way we like it. The Duck Confit, was representative of the dish, scumptious! Porkribs had the right match of sauces and ingredients, flowing with yumminess! The Pangium Beef Bouguinon, truly experimental but tasty in the structure department..

The grilled "Pangan" Pork Belly was nicely toasted and neatly done, flavourful; Satay Pork Cheeks so delicious, and it reminded me of something I ate back in Malacca, one day.. the Seafood Coconut Bouillabaise, overflowing with taste and representative of that from France, nicely done.. and lastly we tried the Wagyu Beef Balls, well done!

For desserts, we sampled the Chocolate Brownie, Taropannacotta (this is truly interesting where they juxtapose good sections of Taro in an eclectic mix of panna cotta style so I truly like this and give it a rating of 9/10), also tried the Sticky Date Pudding and Nutella Profiteroles. A nice sweet ending to an already very very full meal.

Overall - a brilliant culinary adventure and taste experience, Highly Recommended!

Rosette Media Rating at 8.8/10

You can peruse their food and drink menu here..

For bookings pls contact:-

Reservations: +65 6513 0035

15 Stamford Road, #01-83 Arcade @ The Capitol Kempinski Singapore 178906 Sun – Thurs: 12pm – 230pm || 5pm – 1030pm

Fri, Sat: 12pm – 230pm || 5pm – 12am

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