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Goro Goro Steamboat & Korean Buffet - Review

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Imagine a cold, rainy evening. You step into the showers, let the warm water fall on you, and ponder what to have for dinner. Chances are, hotpot is one of the first few considerations. There’s just nothing more comforting than a nice, hot broth on a cold, windy night.

So when we recently had the chance to visit GoroGoroSteamboat & Korean Buffet restaurant, we were thrilledto satisfy our hotpot cravings. At GoroGoro, there are 7 different soup bases to choose from and a vast array of ingredients.

We selected the Mala, Ginseng chicken and the crowd favourite - Beauty collagen soup. With the first sip of the collagen soup, we immediately understood why this is a top pick among patrons. There’s a fullness to the soup that keeps you satisfied, yet a lightness that ensures it never get overbearing. We were impressed with thebroth and later found out that to achieve such a rich taste, it has to be boiled for over 12 hours.

Food at GoroGoro Steamboat

Veggie lovers are spoilt for choice at the Veggies Paradise, where the ingredients are kept fresh with billowing cold air.

Meat items are refrigerated in the kitchen and served upon request. We ordered a fair amount of pork and beef and placed a request for some seafood items – mussels, white clams and prawns. The prawns added a hint of sweetness to the collagen soup that added to its full flavour.

We threw our ingredients into the soup bases, watching them swim together as they formed an amalgam of colour and texture. While waiting for them to cook, we ordered from the cooked-food menu.

The chefs at GoroGoro have done a great job in not only ensuring the ingredients are top quality, but also curating a menu of cooked delicacies.

We tried the signature Korean Chicken Wing, which is a popular appetizer. This completely blew us away. With a thick, sticky sauce coating the skin and permeating into the succulent flesh of the chicken, these wings are incredibly tasty (and addictive!) It’s amazing how a dish like this could be part of a buffet spread.

Drinks at GoroGoro Steamboat

We initially got some Calamansi and Iced peach tea. Refills were prompt as members of the staff moved around, ensuring we had everything we wanted.

As our stomachs got half-filled, we decided to indulge in some Soju, bringing out the authentic Korean dining experience.

There are a few other drinks to choose from such as Makgeolli (Korean rice wine), beer, and some soft drinks. But we enjoyed the soup so much that we didn’t order any of the other drinks.

Desserts at GoroGoro Steamboat

We ended our meal with some Yam paste and Peach gum dessert. The peach gum was refreshing and the yam paste had just the right consistency. It was not overly sweet and a satisfying way to end a flavourfulhotpot dinner.

Ambience at GoroGoro Steamboat

There is a certain vibrancy and liveliness to the design at GoroGoro. The cute soup-based mascots create a fun environment where patrons can have a delectable meal and feel completely relaxed. With its affordable pricing and delicious food, GoroGoro definitely warrants multiple visits.

Head on down to The Centrepoint outlet at 176 Orchard Road #03-43 Singapore 238843.

Feel free to make a reservation and join their free membership for some exclusive perks.

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