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Figlmüller Restaurant - Wollzeile

The Figlmüller Restaurant is an iconic Viennese eatery. Enjoy the world-famous

schnitzel in a historic ambiance, a compulsory culinary stop in the heart of Vienna.


The story began when Johann Figlmüller opened the first wine tavern on Wollzeile in 1905. Just around the corner from St. Stephen’s Cathedral, he established a place where people have been imbibing, chatting and eating great for the past 115 years. A glass of our homegrown wine is the perfect accompaniment to our interpretation of the Wiener schnitzel, which has not only become the house special—but also a symbol of the city of Vienna.

Right from the start, it stood for the unparalleled Viennese way of life: a restaurant that was always a fine place to chat and celebrate. It also had a great menu and selection of local wines. And, of course, the original interpretation of a schnitzel. The elder Hans Figlmüller reached international acclaim with the Figlmüller schnitzel and put the downtown locale on the map as Vienna’s culinary ambassador. The brothers Hans Jr. and Thomas Figlmüller are still maintaining the tradition which is now in its fourth Figlmüller generation.

In Viennese cuisine, there is nothing more quintessential Viennese than the Wiener schnitzel. Its origin is the subject of numerous legends and continues to be a lightning rod for controversy. There is consensus, however: Only premium veal fried golden brown in a mixture of lard an oil will do. At Figlmüller on Bäckerstrasse, they only serve the one true Wiener schnitzel, as their great grandmother fried up over a century ago.

Scusi ragazzi, but schnitzel’s a Vienna original!

The most popular yarn spun round the genesis of the Wiener schnitzel comes from Field Marshal Radetzky. According to the story, Radetzky was so enrapt by the Italian Cotoletta alla Milanese that he brought the recipe back to Vienna in the middle of the 19th century, presenting it to the Kaiser’s court kitchen so they could satiate his appetite and create the now world renown dish.

However, historical research has shown that the Viennese had an affection for all things fried much earlier. If your coffers were stocked then you could bread and fry all manner of mainstays like chicken and veal, or everything else from head to toe.

Our favourite cut is a big softie: the tenderloin.

250-gram cuts of fine tenderloin are pounded out by hand until they are razor-thin and ready to be dredged in egg and flour. The finishing touch is a coat fit for a Kaiser: breadcrumbs made from Kaiser rolls—made especially for Figlmüller—create a tantalizingly crispy schnitzel. This was truly amazing, as I tried a few different schnitzels whilst I was staying in Vienna, and the one from this Haus is truly amazing, original, tasty and not dry! Of course, we went along with the iconic lemon but we also tried the lovely crisp with some different sauces to give a different feel to each bite!

Now, the schnitzel is ready for frying.

And for this, the chefs need no less than three pans of cooking oil. But for that it is all the faster; a schnitzel needs just an estimated 30 seconds until it turns a crispy golden brown and lands on your plate. Proof that the long-standing and traditional schnitzel maker works with the utmost perfection.

From ingredients naturally fresh, authentic Austrian!

What goes along well with a true Figlmüller schnitzel? A genuine Viennese potato salad, of course, one that is known for its subtle sweetness. At Figlmüller they pay special attention to where the ingredients come from ; their pork is sourced exclusively from farmers they know personally. The Figmüllers are busy restaurant owners. They produce their own wines to serve with the schnitzel and have been doing so since very early on. And the wine list includes Grüner Veltliner (we had one of this, it was so refreshing, lemon and citrus-drive, smooth and a great finish and accompaniement to the classique schnitzel! also, they have the Welschriesling alongside Blaufränkischer.

  • happy moment with Gerhard, my host

Personally I would like to thank my special host, Gerhard, from Figlmuiller Wollzeile, who guided me throughout my entire tasting experience, he was super generous, knowledgeable, humourous and experienced with over 30 years working in this establishment.

Figlmüller Wollzeile:

Wollzeile 5, 1010 Vienna

Open daily 11am – 10:30pm,

kitchen daily 11am – 9:30pm

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