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Domino's - New Cheese Volcana Pizza

Updated: Feb 23

Domino’s new Cheese Volcano Pizza features a rich, creamy cheese dip sitting atop your all-time favorite Hawaiian Paradise or Beef Pepperoni.

An explosions of flavours in one bite - that's what you get with their all new Cheese Volvano Piza from Domino’s Pizza Singapore. Launching at all outlets islandwide, Domino’s Pizza does the unbelievable, taking the world by storm with an explosion.

Presenting its latest culinary masterpiece – the new Cheese Volcano Pizza in two flavors, Cheese Volcano Hawaiian Paradise, and Cheese Volcano Beef Pepperoni. This bold and flavorful expredssion is an eruption of flavors that will enchant the palate and soul. It is indulgent and addictive with a hot liquid cheese center for you to dunk your pizzas in. Each bite is cheesy that will leave you wanting more.

Made from quality cheddar cheese and a special cheese sauce, Domino’s Pizza’s savory cheese dip is sure to be a crowd pleaser. It adds an exciting twist and a whole new level of satisfaction to your choice of meat – Chicken Breast or Beef Pepperoni, bringing all the flavors together in perfect harmony.

Each mouthful is a sensory thrill, from the richness of cheese to the succulent smoked chicken breast, chicken ham with juicy pineapples or opt for generous portions of juicy beef pepperoni. What’s there not to love about this delicious, limited-time pizza flavor! Don’t forget to order the new I-Heart-You Chocolate Lava Cake to finish on a sweet note. Best enjoyed when warm, the dessert is rich and decadent with a gooey centre surrounded by a moist chocolate cake. Buckle up for some chocolatey goodness as you sink your teeth into this sweet treat. It is available from 1 to 14 February only – perfect for Valentine’s Day.

The new Cheese Volcano Pizza underscores Domino’s Pizza Singapore’s commitment to innovation and giving customers more satisfaction. “Domino’s Hawaiian Paradise and Beef-Pepperoni have been well-loved among locals, and we have introduced a cheese dip to make our classic pizzas cheesier and more indulgent. It is simple but the robust savoriness offers our fans a fun way to savor our pizzas. Expect nothing but a delicious centrepiece when you order the Cheese Volcano Pizza. Whether you are a fan of a little or a lot, the choice is yours to dip or dunk your slice of pizza,” says Linda Hassan, Group Chief Marketing Officer at Domino’s Pizza Singapore, Malaysia, and Cambodia.

Domino’s Pizza Singapore invites pizza and cheese enthusiasts to embark on this culinary adventure with the new Cheese Volcano Pizza. Domino’s Cheese Volcano Pizza and I-Heart-You Chocolate Lava Cake are available at all outlets islandwide from now, for a limited time only. Place your orders over-the-counter, opt for delivery or self pick-up via the app or website

Prices for the Cheese Volcano Pizza in Hawaiian Paradise and Beef Pepperoni start from $33.90 for a 12” Large; while the I-Heart-You Chocolate Lava Cake is $9.50 when you order a la carte and $7.50 when you order as an add-on with any pizza purchase. Domino’s flagship 50% off promotion when you order the Cheese Volcano Pizza, with a surcharge of $5.

Go check it out! Super yummy, tasty and absolutely wonderful!

To date, there are 42 Domino’s Pizza stores in the country. Customers can place their orders via the Domino’s Singapore App or log on to its website at

Up-to-date information on offers and promotions is also available on Domino’s Facebook page at and its online website at


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