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Convivial Champagne Bar

Rosette Media Tasting Panel Review 9.3/10 9* and above is a superior rating in our Rosette Media rating scale dedicated to outstanding venues

The first and only premium Champagne Bar solely dedicated to superb champagnes in Singapore! As Convivial opens its doors to devoted champagne enthusiasts in Singapore, all patrons to this lovely venue will be immersed in a modern Champagne cave experience, whilst indulging in the finest selection of Champagnes and wines. This amazing venue is nestled in the fringe of the Boat Quay area in Singapore, and offers an intimate, enchanting and captivating ambience, that exudes elegance and allure, very similar to the smooth texture and structure of every sip of the amazing champagne that you would partake of, in this warm and inviting atmosphere.

Convivial offers a breadth of Champagne styles to represent the richness that the region can offer; ranging from single varietal wines harvested from single vineyards akin to an electrifying Jimi Hendrix solo, to multi-vintage wines from a blend of varietals similar to Led Zeppelin's unending layers of psychedelic symphony. Beyond Champagne, Convivial celebrates all things bubbles as well; sparkling wines from around the world, some cider and beer too. There will be white, red and sweet wines as well, but each will have its story to tell involving fizz.

Food goes with the Champagne, and they also serve wine; but this is not a restaurant where food comes first, champagne is delivered first and then innovative food concepts are presented to complement the champagne (coz we love to eat, but we much prefer to have champagne)

We were truly awed by the design that resembles a champagne cave that denotes the assemblage of a typical storage venue in the heart of Champagne in France.. We sampled a premium selection of outstanding champagnes of single grapes and also a blend, and indulged in some amazing food accompaniment, whilst being take care by our splendid hosts Yang and Adrian..

Champagne Delights We sampled the champagnes and the wine in this order...

1. Perrot-Batteux, “Cuvée Helixe” 1er Cru Blanc de Blancs, Brut NV 100% Chardonnay

Family-owned for 6 generations, now managed by two sisters Cynthia and Celine, this is a delicious and delicate Champagne with a racy acidity and prominent notes of minerality and salinity. It's a bright, fresh Champagne great to begin an evening, or just to sip throughout a hot afternoon (as Singapore usually is!), and it was pretty smooth, very easy to drink, and we can drink this naturally, all day, all night... single grape*

2. Moussé Fils, "Les Vignes de Mon Village" Blanc de Meuniers, Brut NV100% Pinot Meunier

Another family owned estate, with 4 generations of winemaking and 12 generations of growing Champagne, Champagne Moussé is celebrating a century of winemaking in 2023. Passionate about the environment and the land, the winery work towards being carbon-zero. It is a energetic and high-toned, with citrus notes of grapefruit and blood orange. The labelling is modern, the tonality and taste consistent of finesse. single grape*

3. Krug, "Grande Cuvée 171ème Édition" MV 45% Pinot Noir, 37% Chardonnay and 18% Pinot Meunier

The 171ème Édition was composed around the harvest of 2015 which spanned 3 weeks, and is an orchestra of 131 different wines, the youngest being 2015 and the oldest being 2000. It has aromas of flowers in bloom, ripe, dried and citrus fruits, as well as marzipan and gingerbread. On the palate, smokey notes and flavours of almond paste, quince, lemon, limoncello and dried fruit. This is brilliant, wonderful and awesome; we love it and it can certainly stand on it's own' finesse re-imagined! Immaculate! Superb Blend*

A Krug is a Krug!

4. Bonnet-Ponson, Chamery Coteaux Champenois Rouge 2018

Winegrowers since 1862, 6th-generation winemaker Cyril Bonnet crafted this project in recent years. It spends 3 weeks macerating in a concrete tank, with 1/3 of the Pinot Noir stems-on. This is a perfumed, light-footed and elegant red wine which shows the potential and future of Champagne as a wine-making region. First time sampling a wine from the Champagne region, and the result is packed with curiosity and distinction, palate refreshing!

Food Accompaniment 1) Frogs Legs, with Fermented Red Beancurd, Ginger - this is so refreshing as we have never tasted anything like this, before, done in a fried structure, that spells amazement to the creativity of Chef Henry - it went so well with the premium champagnes we had..

2) Lemon Sole,with Champagne Beurre Blanc, Pomme Purée, Samphire - again, another amazing dish, thoughtfully created, that can be consumed whole, crispy yet crunchy, with finesse to each bite

3) Prawn and Pork Tortellini, with Prawn Bisque, Chicharrón, Dill - to do this in a somewhat Italian style, but with a Singapore-chinese" introduction to its origin, is truly a hallmark, that goes with the style of the champagnes, we had for the evening!

The essence was a fun evening! Truly a hallmark of distinction!

Convivial Champagne Bar

Address 11 North Canal Road, The Offshore, #01-01, S048824

Phone +65 8076 5674

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