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Clementine im Glashaus with Wine Cellar Tour at Palais Coburg - Vienna, Austria

Updated: Feb 24

We were invited for a lovely lunch at Palais Coburg & Wine Cellar Tour afterwards, and the meal over lunch was done at a glasshouse setting, aptly named Clementine Im Glashaus so I had the opportunity to savor a lovely a-la-carte gourmet lunch and exquisite cuisine at Palais Coburg; after my delightful culinary experience. I was transported on a wonderful guided sommelier-led guided tour to 5 different locations with a historic wine cellar in the Palais Coburg along with a splendid wine tasting with 5 different wines of varying character, style, terroir and finesse.

Clementine im Glashaus 

Clementine Im Glashaus is named after Clementine of Orleans. The daughter of the King of France an d her husband, prince August of Saxe-Coburg, were the first inhabitants of the Palais Coburg in Vienna from 1849. Her painting is located in the middle of the restaurant and we took a lovely shot of it when we arrived at this venue. Interestingly enough, Palais Coburg is also the venue of a dinner venue, the Silvio-nickol, which is a 2-star Michelin restaurant (which means I have to come back again)..

I was amazed at the location of this restaurant which resides in the gorgeous and stunning Palais Coburg, a truly fine dining venue that offers an immaculate culinary encounter for locals and tourists to Vienna. On the menu, I can find a sweet blend of Austrian and international Western dishes, prepared with superior native ingredients and innovative cooking methods that celebrate Austrian finesse along with nostalgic storytelling by a past wonderful era. What captures me is the Glasshouse interior, a grandiose dining room, making it magnificent, elegant yet simply romantic, so a great occasion for a get-together, business lunch or a romantic getaway.. fine dining for two.

Truly a wonderful place, super atmosphere and ambience, top quality, inherent homely hospitality and just lovely food that sensationalise the palate. Clementine im Glashaus is open for breakfast, lunch, the afternoon snack and dinner - In an innovative culinary style, traditional meals are creatively re-imagined for a culinary adventure and a true tasting pleasure.

The Executive Chef: Fabian Philler and the Manager: Wallner Hermann

For aperitifs, I sampled the "my sweet clementine" which is a signature drink (non alcoholic) consisting of clementine, ginger ale and lime, so refreshing and a nice commencement after my airport arrival into Vienna.

For starters, I was given the dish of a Prawn prepration which comprise of grilled wild red shrimp with braised sweet potato, glazed blood orange, spinach leaves & fluffy créme Fraîche, simply delightful and one of the best starters I have tasted these past years, well done to the Chef!

Duck breast was my choice of my main dish, so a nicely pink roasted breast of Barbarie duck was presented with carrot cream, marinated carrots, glazed black cabbage, roasted marcona almonds & amaretto-lime-coconut cream, the presentation, structure and umami was nicely displayed in a remarkable taste format, and a delight.

I has the almond_bisquit which was part of the weekly menu for dessert as it was recommended and it taste heavenly - the almond biscuit, was nicely presented with vanilla cream, banana sorbet & coffee, a superb finish to my awesome meal.

I would like to give special thks to my serveur, Sebastien Eckart for recommending the lovely dishes on the menu and giving me a top-notch lunch experience.

Palais Coburg - Wine Cellar & Tasting Experience

The Palais Coburg Wine Archive encompasses a total of six wine cellars, each with unique characteristics, a special focus and an ideal climate for great, rare wines. The six cellars hold some 60,000 bottles from four centuries and offer an impressive combination of medieval architecture and atmospheric spaces for wine tastings and culinary presentations involving sophisticated wines.

The magnificent Wine Cellar in Palais Coburg was constructed inside historical ruins from the 16th century. Each of these six different rooms (or cellars), have its' own unique character and specific dedication, and we were taken on a tour of these unique room locations. They comprise of France Cellar, New World Cellar, Old World Cellar, Champagne Cellar (my eyes were gleaming!), Rare Wines Cellar and Yquem Cellar - they are one of the best vintage, precious and rare wine collections not just in Austria but in the world and they have garnered numerous awards.

Wolfgang Kneidinger, my personal guide is one of the top sommeliers in Vienna, and in Austria and also in Europe so I was very fortunate when he took me on a tour, as my pal in Weinrieder wineyards (who specialise in Ice Wine) Bernhard, told me about him, when we met up, so it a true testament to his ability and competency as a certified sommelier and viticulturist. 60,000 bottles are stored here in a 755 square-meter expanse area and . One can truly discover the unique wine treasure at Palais Coburg in Vienna - a wine lover's paradise


The restaurant and wine cellar is located right in the heart of Vienna in the first district, a few walking minutes away from the famous St. Stephen's Cathedral, Kärntner Straße and Stadtpark.


Diners can make reservation with Clementine or organize events, wine tasting and wine tours at the following contact.. A wide range of wine cellar tours and tastings are offered at the Palais Coburg.

For more information..



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