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Cafe Diglas - Vienna

The Cafe Diglas at Wollzeile is a Viennese institution itself - commenced around year 1875 - a true culinary passed down through the generations, and a coffee house and restaurant juxtaposed to form as a popular destination that both locals and tourists will visit - steeped in history and culinary tradition with a touch of surprising flair and contemporary distinctive art. This historic Café keeps in full the traditional Austrian flavors and we hear the history of the Diglas family goes back to the time of their great great grandfather of the president owners was serving -in the family’s restaurants- the great Emperor Francis Joseph himself!

The family name now graces four locations around Vienna with the oldest cafe-restaurant sitting on at the Wollzeile intersection; we can see the place adorned with old clocks on the end walls which are actually digital projections; and the window lamps have cute ballerina skirt lampshades which sit a=top each dining table and looks out to the street; kitchen utensils hang with chandeliers and a depiction of black and white photos reveal a collection of cool contemporary studio art. This long-established venue is open for breakfast, cakes & a daily-changing menu, with live piano in the evenings.

One lunchtime, we explored and savored Vienna's culinary charm with lunch at Café Diglas where we ndulged in simple but yet delightful Austrian dishes in a cozy setting, a taste of tradition in every bite truly, it was packed with tourists and locals...

We had a berry-based fritzy soft drink almost like the Almdudler, which is an Austrian soft drink with a flavour that is based on mountain herbs... and we had the Hungarian Goulash Soup - one of the best that I have tasted within Austria and in Vienna. The place was packed so I had to await for my seat, and the lady Erika quickly beckoned me to my corner seat next to those ballerina lamp shades, that has been specially reserved for me... haha, they knew I was coming..

For the main dish, I had to try the Original Wiener Schnitzel (fried escalope of vest) / potato-salad, so it was super tasty and my first schnitzel in Austria - super tasty! - schnitzels are super big in Austria, so obviously I cannot finish it, but it was so delicious - and for dessert, I chose the Diglas special style ice-cofee that comprise fresh cofee along with 2 scoops of Vanilla-icecream and whipped cream, what a delight, what a brilliant lunch meal!



Café Diglas

Address: Wollzeile 10, 1010 Wien, Austria

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