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Aroma Coffee : Speciality Coffee

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

Aroma Truffle launches its sister brand, Aroma Coffee, serving up adventurous specialty concoctions, Spreeze - the first delectable fusion between specialty coffee and artisanal tea.

Coffee lovers can now purchase the Spreeze Bundle, a set of six tea-infused coffee beverages at $42 here, with self pick-up and delivery options available!

Known for their mission of making decadent experiences affordable, Kenny Chan, Kayson Chan and Jonathan Chan, the three brothers behind Aroma Truffle & Co. joined hands with Andrew Tjoa, a certified barista and NUS chemistry graduate, to bring specialty coffee within reach of the heartlands.

Aroma Coffee stands out from the market as the first company to modernise the typical cup of Yuan Yang. “Oftentimes, local coffee joints tend to add flavoured syrup into the coffee.

This is the quickest way to add flavours into coffee. However, this comes as a dilemma among specialty coffee lovers who prefer their coffee unsweetened and untampered with artificial ingredients,” said Andrew, Co-Founder, Aroma Coffee.

Taking a bolder step to stand out in the crowd, Aroma Coffee decided to infuse aromatic artisanal tea (e.g. Earl Grey, floral scented and fruit scented tea leaves) into their coffee.

This combination of coffee and tea is called ‘Spreeze’ in Ethiopia, which is a western type of Yuan Yang. This introduces depth, complexity and most importantly aroma into the coffee while maintaining the inherent goodness of the coffee in a more natural way.

The result is a medium-to-full bodied, low acidity cup, roasted just enough to bring out the fruity notes of tea while preserving the aroma of coffee.

What to expect

Under Aroma Coffee's Spreeze range are brews with aromatic notes including a fresh and floral Summer Blossom, refreshing Perky Peppermint, and intriguing flavours like Vineyard Peach and Dirty Earl. The Creme Caramel will pleasantly satisfy those with a slightly-sweeter tooth.

The Aroma Coffee infusion technique involves cold brewing fresh milk with artisanal tea for more than 12 hours. The flavours of Spreeze are curated after sampling more than 82 types of artisanal tea leaves. To achieve their signature Aroma Speciality Blend, Andrew cupped hundreds of beans from different origins around the world.

“We only use specialty grade single origin beans and source them from different parts of the world. We source these beans from small farmers who grow the best coffee cherries and process them with utmost love and care,” added Andrew.

Spreeze Bundle (Bundle of 6 for $42)

Discover the Spreeze you love with the current range of 6 flavours: Creme Caramel, Dirty Earl, Mellow Melon, Perky Peppermint, Summer Blossom, Vineyard Peach.

Creme Caramel

Double shot of our specialty house blend and Meiji fresh milk, combined with the fragrant, caffeine-free tea blend with tiny bits of sweet caramel for a rich aroma and a tinge of sweetness.

Dirty Earl

Double shot of our specialty house blend and Meiji fresh milk, combined with the scintillating bergamot aroma and the floral scents of cornflower petals and blue mallow blossom. Being our crowd’s favourite, Dirty Earl is a drink worth serving to the royalty.

Mellow Melon

Double shot of our specialty house blend and Meiji fresh milk, combined with an aromatic blend of sweet rose buds, cranberries and chrysanthemum blossoms. Giving it a mellow, sweet melon aftertaste.

Perky Peppermint

Double shot of our specialty house blend and Meiji fresh milk, combined with the energizing scent and rejuvenating cooling sensation from this peppermint infusion perks you up after a long day.

Summer Blossom

Double shot of our specialty house blend and Meiji fresh milk, combined with a seducing, alluring blend of summer fruits strawberry, lychee and minimally processed, delicate white tea.

Vineyard Peach

Double shot of our specialty house blend and fresh milk, combined with sweet and refined Green rooibos and marigold bloom petals blend with a hint of ripe peaches aftertaste.

Discover More...

Aroma Coffee is offering door-to-door delivery services, alongside the activation of services from FoodPanda and GrabFood.

Pick-up options are still available from their store located at Northpoint City, #B2-151 South Wing.

The Spreeze Bundle ($42), is a set of six sleek and swig-friendly glass bottles that can be ordered exclusively through their website,

Currently, Aroma Coffee is offering a $8 discount off your first order for their Spreeze Bundle. To redeem, key in the BEBOLD8OFF when you are checking out with your online purchase!

*Limited sets to redeem with each promo code per batch

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