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Abalone Indulgence at Hai Tien Lo

Sensationalize your culinary palate with gastronomic abalone delicacies at Hai Tien Lo, available from 23 March to 22 April 2024 in their Abalone Promotion.

Select from six opulent South Africa abalone dishes masterfully created by Hai Tien Lo’s Executive Chef Ricky Leung - such an experienced culinary curator after speaking with him.

South Africa abalone, a highly sought-after delicacy in Asia, is known for its exquisite taste and mouth-watering texture.

It is also said that abalone carries a symbolic meaning of good luck and wealth. A must-try at Hai Tien Lo is the signature Deep-fried Crispy South AfricaFresh Abalone, Prawn Paste, and Passion Fruit Sauce(百香果脆皮南非四頭活鮑魚)- the crunch on the crispy fried resonates well with the subtle sourishness of the passion fruit .. giving a super 口感… only Mandarin can express this - wonderful 9/10

Other abalone dishes available include the Braised South Africa Whole Dried Abalone, Black Truffles, Spanish Iberico Ham, and White Asparagus (黑松露南非十四头干鲍鱼伴西班牙火腿白芦笋).. to try soon..

We tried this - 9.3/10 marvelous

Braised South Africa Abalone, Fresh Crab Meat in a form of remoulade, succulent SeaCucumber, and lovely Sea Perch Roll(蟹肉扒南非鲍鱼海参鲈鱼卷)

For Dining reservations and enquiries, please call 6826 8240 or email


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