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Updated: Jun 17, 2023

“The art of hydration.”

SIGG is a leading provider of drinking bottles since 1908. Thanks to the company’s rich traditional history, which is known for quality, innovation, design and environmental awareness, the SIGG products are synonymous worldwide with intelligent, sustainable drinking bottles.

Originally, the bottles from SIGG, which are well-known for their long lasting quality and complete reusability, were primarily popular with alpinists and hikers. Today, SIGG offers a wide collection of functional and fashionable bottles for all walks of life and multiple demographics and segments.


The history of SIGG Switzerland Bottles AG began in 1908: Ferdinand Sigg, a metal working specialist, returned to Switzerland after years of learning and travelling. Together with his friend Xaver Küng, he established an aluminium goods factory in Biel. Sigg and Küng are united in their love for metal and their belief that aluminium is the material of the future.

Right from the start, SIGG sells a wide range of pans, pots, teacups, cutlery and household products including bed and water bottles. Over time, the company has repeatedly succeeded in conquering new markets with new ideas. In 1958, the range includes well over 10 000 products! The SIGG bottle is added to the range of household products by coincidence. While producing pots and pans, a great deal of aluminium is left over as waste. During the resource-scarce war years, a new meaningful use for valuable raw material is sought and found: SIGG develops a bottle!

In February 2016, SIGG is acquired by the stainless steel vacuum bottle manufacturer HAERS, China. With its access to the fast growing Chinese market and its know-how in stainless steel, polypropylene and tritan products, the new parent company is the ideal partner.Aluminium bottles continue to be manufactured at SIGG's headquarters in Frauenfeld, Switzerland.


At SIGG long tradition of sustainability dates back to the very first aluminum bottle and continues to this day with innovative ecological products and projects. For them sustainability is an ongoing process that requires continuous motion, determination and progress. They think about tomorrow and act today by developing products and supporting projects that promote sustainability.


Their logo with the red Swiss cross is used for corporate communication purposes and marks products that are manufactured in Switzerland. A manual quality check ensures that all bottles leaving their production line are in perfect condition. In addition, all their products undergo a strict testing procedure to certify safety from chemicals such as estrogen-mimicking substances, BPA and phthalates.


SIGG manufactures products that meet contemporary tastes and set new standards at the same time. The unmistakable design of SIGG bottles has long since attained cult status. This has been confirmed by the Museum of Modern Art in New York, which displays two SIGG bottles in its permanent exhibition.

It all starts with a piece of aluminium that’s the shape of an ice hockey puck. Every puck is extruded by a 600-ton piston stroke and then flows along the piston, transforming it into a cylinder. The cylinder gets shaped into a bottle with the help of up to 26 differently shaped modules, each one moving the metal further towards the final shape. Once the bottle has the iconic form that we all know, the next step is to coat the inside of the bottle with our liner to avoid direct contact between the liquids and the aluminium.


SIGG has been taking care of the environment as part of their overall goal when establishing the brand, and that is why they offer sustainable alternatives to disposable PET bottles. They haven't just been doing this since the latest UN climate report, but for over 100 years. In their company, tradition and innovation go hand in hand - their drinking bottles have cult status and are always setting new standards. Even in times of change, they remain true to their values and focus on quality, innovation, design and environmental awareness.

Based on the success story of the original SIGG aluminium bottle and the dynamic SIGG Hot & Cold ONE Light made of high grade stainless steel, the company has expanded its product range with high-quality drinking bottles made from polypropylene, glass and Tritan™, underlining its core values of sustainability and versatility.

Stay hydrated and save the planet.

Slim, chic and practical. A convincing model update in the Hot & Cold One range proves how good things can become even better: 10% lighter, 10% more volume and 40% smoother running screw cap.

Whether you are sports enthusiast, a fan of the outdoors or a fashion junkie, we have the SIGG bottle that is right for you!

A water bottle for every need and taste, could be the ideal companion for everyone who wants to have a little bit more hot or cold drink “to go”. Slim, chic and practical! And pretty much a classic.


SIGG has tied up key partnerships and co-branding with leading labels and brands around the globe for corporate gifts including Rolex Paris Masters, Locarno Film Festival, Saint Laurent, Roland-Garros, Zegna, The Mountain Studio, Highsnobiety and many others.

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🏔The art of hydration 🇨🇭Excellence since 1908 🌱 Sustainable, eco-friendly & BPA-free

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