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Zui Hong Lou : Review

Zui Hong Lou (Drunken Red House) is a progressive rich people Chinese food establishment, located at 90 Club Street Singapore 069458. It reopened 3 months ago in the space previously occupied by :Pluck. We dropped by 1 night to try their dinner menu. They pride themselves as a modern Asian diner and bar, created by the good people of The Establishment who are also behond brands like Gem Bar, Nutmeg&Clove, Wanton and #FindTheLockerRoom Bangkok.

Zui Hong Lou is helmed by Head Chef Clement Goh, whose previous stints include Izy Dining and one Michelin-starred Bacchanalia, and Bar Manager Sufi, who mans the cocktail bar serving potent bespoke cocktails.

We started our dinner with a 24 hour Sous Vide Braised Poek Belly Kong Bak Pau. The Australian pork simply oozes with fat on the first bite and melts in the mouth. It is served with lotus root chips with sour plum powder.

Next up was the MaPo Tofu, topped with Sichuan spicy and slightly salty glaze sauce.

We had the Kung Po Baby Octopus next. It was soft and not rubbery, and marinated with cinnammon and 5 star anise. It was pretty well executed by Chef Clement and his team.

The Chong Qing marinated style chicken wings really had a numbing effect on our taste buds. Marinated with 18 secret spices, according to Chef Clement, including spices like cumin seeds, star anise, Szechuan pepper corn, this really overpowers the palette and would really suit those with stronger taste buds.

The highlight of the evening was served next. Whole Sea Bass Asian Style deep fried in self made potato flour and ginger jus. We were told the fish is fresh farmed in Singapore and was very crispy and juicy. We polished off the entire fish, head and bones.

Yang Zhou Fried rice. A simple and staple dish that has the wok hei to tantalize your taste buds.

We paired the food with some cocktails recommended by the mixlogist.

We had the Margarita and the Breakfast Club cocktails.

We had some house wines as well, just to balance the food flavours and kill the fats.

To round off the evening, we had a peanut paste soup dessert. It was not too sweet and was brilliantly executed.

For Reservations, please contact directly, or call 8181 0572.

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