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Unveiling the Thrills of the 2023 Singapore Grand Prix

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

In the heart of Southeast Asia, the lion city of Singapore roared to life once again as it played host to the 2023 Singapore Grand Prix. This electrifying event brings with it an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation that the city-state is renowned for. Let’s delve into the highlights, the drama, and the experiences that defined the 2023 Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Grand Prix.

The Marina Bay Street Circuit, known for its spectacular night racing, served as the backdrop for this year's event. Notably for 2023, there has been change to the design of the track. The section featuring the Floating Platform has been removed. Instead of flicking right to dive underneath the spectators at what was Turn 16, the cars will now continue straight for 380m before joining at what is now Turn 16, the old Turn 20 with the rest of the lap continuing on as normal. Thus, the new long stretch of straight road opens up many opportunities for overtaking. We witnessed many exciting overtakes happening over the weekend from the 3 different races; Formula 1, Porsche Carrera Cup Asia & Thailand Super Series.

We congratulate Carlos Sainz (Ferrari) for clinching the top spot at this year's race. The race weekend has always been exciting, especially this year! Spectators saw crashes, spinouts and multiple deployments of the safety car. Lance Stroll crashed at the final turn of the circuit. This caused the first qualifying session to be red-flagged.

There's never a dull moment once you pass through the gates into the circuit. Fans can be spotted keeping their eyes peeled to spot their favourite drivers. Gate 9 seems to be a favourite among fans, as many station themselves (and their cameras) in anticipation of seeing their favourite driver. Drivers tend to stay at the Ritz Carlton Singapore and the shortest route to the Paddock, would be via Gate 9.

In it’s vicinity, there’s the Support Paddock where they house the cars racing for the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia and the Thailand Super Series. There were sessions when the public was allowed to head in to take a closer look at the cars. It was interesting watching the mechanics preparing the cars for the race. If you visited it post-race, it would dawn on you how much damage the car takes as it tore down the street circuit. The once shiny and pristine cars before the race, now reduced to having worn tyres, cracked bumpers and fenders. All this happening with just less than 40 minutes on track.

For a better view of the track, and to take in the view of Singapore’s city skyline, we recommend for you to hop onto the Singapore Flyer. The trip inside each glass capsule takes about 30 minutes. We recommend that you take it when there is a race happening. When the capsule reaches the top, one can see the entire street circuit, and watch their favourite drivers navigate the corners and straights.

Beyond the race itself, the Singapore Grand Prix offered a diverse range of entertainment options. Music concerts featuring international artists such as Jackson Wang, Post Malone, NIKI and more.. Roving acts such as stilt walkers and fire players kept guests entertained as they moved around the circuit. Singapore known for being a food paradise, didn’t disappoint with food stalls featuring both local and international cuisines, spread out at every corner of the street circuit. Between races there were many activities happening in Zone 4. In the Singapore Airlines tentage, you could find a photobooth with the pretty Singapore Airline Stewardess, driving simulators and physical reaction game machines. Nearby, there were even photo booths where you could take virtual photographs with your favourite F1 drivers!

These offerings transformed the Grand Prix weekend into a huge extravaganza that catered to a wide range of tastes and interests.

As seen, the Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Grand Prix has proved to be a remarkable annual event for Singapore and to the Formula 1 calendar. It showcased the dazzling beauty of night racing, the relentless pursuit of victory by the world's top drivers, and the vibrant culture of Singapore. With its unique atmosphere, unpredictable racing, and commitment to leaving guests fully satisfied, the Singapore Grand Prix solidified its place as one of the most exciting and memorable events in the world of motorsport. As the city-state bids farewell to another successful race, fans around the globe eagerly await the next edition of this spectacular event.

*As of the time of writing, SuperEarly Bird tickets for 2024 have already been sold out!


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