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The Art of Gifting with Parisien Perfumers Maison 21G

It's the Christmas Season 2022 in Singapore and what's the best way to give your loved ones a treat, none other than from our good partners, Maison 21G, the Parisian house of scent design and recent winners of the Singapore Retail Association award for Best Retail Experience of Singapore. They have specially evoked our thoughts on the special art of gifting for Christmas, showcasing an entire plethora of bespoke and experiential gifts tailored to delight your senses and create precious memories for you and your loved ones.

This gifting season, lovers of haute couture bespoke perfumes, are invited to share their enthusiasm with their loved ones, indulging their senses in a wide range of luxurious customised experiences. It’s impossible to deny the joyous appeal of being presented with the gift of a personalised bottle of perfume… and the fact that each is made from the blend of hand-selected natural fragrance essences that your loved ones or friends will choose for themselves with their choice of bottle design. You just need to enter their email, your message, and the date you wish to offer this unique experience to your loved one, and we take care of everything for you. Now you cannot go wrong by offering a perfume with Maison 21G!

Maison 21G’s bespoke gifting experiences doesn't end there. The brand has seen a hugely popular response to their beautiful and exclusive creative ateliers; tailored perfume creation workshops, where attendees uncover the art of perfume creation with a seasoned scent designer, and get to take home their unique blends to cherish and enjoy. For perfume lovers, it’s hard to think of a more exciting, immersive and rewarding gift - perfect for those people who seem to have everything! At Maison, they offer an experience to your giftee that goes beyond a simple product!

The experiential element of Maison’s gift range for 2022 and beyond is genuinely impressive, showcasing the brand’s commitment to its exclusivity and finesse and bringing change to the traditional perfume industry. The beautiful Scent Discovery Set with 34 essences to play and mix at home like a perfumer will seduce all your feminine young crowd! Their unique Home Scent items from the famous Dual scented candles that you can blend together to the bespoke reed diffusers where you choose the scent of your blend are just so original and fascinating!

This year, Maison 21G provides gifting experiences like never before, that will lead to the creation of cherished memories. In the words of Maison 21G founder and perfume designer Johanna Monange, “the art of gifting isn’t about picking up something off the shelf and designed to please the broadest possible audience. It’s an opportunity to create something truly unique, and a chance to show the depths of your affection”.

It’s a philosophy which has served Maison 21G well; since launching in 2020, the brand has picked up a global audience of perfume aficionados around the world from Paris, the Middle East and onwards to Asia, besotted with the notion of crafting their own perfumes, home scents and scented gifts. Truly, every Maison 21G product is tailored with the rich array of haute couture, sustainable, vegan and haute couture natural ingredients Maison places at your fingertips.

Come visit their Flagship and founding outlet....and participate in the fine art of Gifting!​

Outlet Address : 77 Duxton Road Singapore, 089536

Phone Number : +65 9477 7818

Operational Hours : Monday to Sunday, 12 p.m. - 8 p.m.


Customer Service:

WhatsApp: +6587478680

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