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Updated: Aug 7, 2023

TEMPT is a gorgeous gastro-bar located in a stunning 1893 heritage building with a modern chic and industrious-looking interior design; pretty loved it actually, especially those "cirque-du-soleil' type of acrobatic lights on the 2nd level.


he cross-cultural cuisine aims to provide a 5-sensory culinary experience that combines inventive and sustainable food preparation methods with premium ingredients from handpicked sources around the world, which is the true theme of this whole place, and the hospitality is superb! We truly felt super indulged as our taste buds were taken on a whirlwind to a brilliant cornucopia of culinary delights!

TEMPT is aptly is created by Candice Leong, an international private chef more widely known as The Gluttonous Temptress. Henceforth, the entire culinary experience and tantalising concept transcends a true fine-dining experience, but in a cool way. without all the formal fuss; it offers and redefines the science and art of gourmet balance that intrinsically stimulates our 5 senses.

TEMPT uses a bevy of exciting ingredients and cooking methodologies across the globe to drive sensations to taste; the dishes are well-crafted and changes seasonally, and it merges traditional techniques with modern preparation methods that marries the past and present, and that's what we truly adore... this dining gastrobar has a sultry and mischievous vibe, that teases your senses, which is also synonumous to the creater of this place (something we truly acknowledge and appreciate). French jazz to deep house tunes from Candice's personal playlist create a splendid symphony that surprisingly complements and juxtaposes a sense fusion, with historical charm and contemporary feel.

Sustainably Prepared

TEMPT prides itself on sustainable food preparation methods that reduces food wastage and minimises environmental impact to create a more ethical dining experience. For example, corn husks leftover from TEMPT’s signature Deep Fried Baby Corn in Husk with Konbu Reduced Cream dish, is charred with dried seaweed into ash and used to coat sashimi or crisps, while the corn silk is boiled with a syrup to harmonise the top of the homemade uni tofu.

Another signature dish from TEMPT, the Puffed Beef Tendons ($28) are bite-sized culinary marvels that have undergone a meticulous process of being braised, rolled, frozen, thinly-sliced and later dehydrated for two days. The beef tendons are later transformed into crispy and ethereal delights through deep frying. The delicate Puffed Beef Tendons are finished with Jamón ibérico and Kaluga caviar for a perfect contrast of premium ingredients and less used cuts. See how dedication in the food prep. amazes us!

TEMPT’s Adult “Bounty” Bar ($16) is a playful take on the popular chocolate bar. The sinful delight combines luscious shreds of coconut with a generous infusion of the tropical Malibu coconut liqueur, encased within a decadent dark chocolate shell. Surrender to the “Bounty” bar and be under the influence of this decadent (yet dairy free) treat!. We love it, simple humble yet daring!

Intoxicate your senses with TEMPT’s plethora of libations that have been selectively picked to pair with its delectable fare. With a strong emphasis on wine, the gastrobar showcases bottles mainly from Italy and France - well-known labels as well as a wide selection of low intervention and low sulfite wines from the Old World; we were exposed to a variety of Italian wines, to pair with the different courses, and the result was aligned.

Aside from wines, handpicked agave spirits and specially crafted cocktails are offered at the gastrobar. Some of TEMPT’s signature drinks include the tangy Fermented Kumquat & Yuzu Margarita ($22) and savoury Bloodless Mary ($22), which utilises dripped tomato water from the flavour-packed San Marzano varietal instead of the usual tomato juice, and wasabi instead of horseradish. TEMPT also serves sake, all with an extra dry and clean flavour profile that will enhance the umami flavours TEMPT strives to accomplish in their dishes; we sampled this at the start of the dining experience so it gave a true welcome to the entire dining vibe of the place!

Candice Leong, Founder and Chef at TEMPT

Now we need to talk about our host; her name is Candice and she is a gregarious and larger than life private chef, food consultant and the founder of TEMPT, but most importantly, she is a wonderful host and we could see her moving around the various tables to ensure on matters, now this is a true hallmark of a serious dining player in the complex Singapore dining scene... Candice started her culinary journey with French cook books and eventually graduated to more complex recipes. Her cooking methods and techniques are largely influenced by her global sojourns.

Henceforth, a solo pix of her here!

A self-professed glutton, Candice prides herself on concocting sensorial cuisine with storytelling weaved in the mix that will titillate even the most adventurous palate, so she told us amazing stories of her time in Germany and her training stints in various restaurants around the world, across 5 continents and she was previously mentored under Chef Damiano Nigro from 1 Michelin Villa d’Amelia / Palas Cerequio.

Information and Details

Restaurant Name . TEMPT

Restaurant Type . Cross-Culture, Gastrobar, Semi-Fine Dining

Location 31 Purvis Street, Singapore 188608

Opening Hours . Fridays, 12 pm - 3 pm and Tuesdays - Saturdays, 5.30 pm - 12 am

Service Options . Dine-in only, no takeaway or delivery

Seating Capacity

Main Dining Room: Indoors 34-36 Pax, Outdoors 8 Pax

Private Dining Room: Seated 22-24 Pax, Standing Room 40+ Pax

Chope Link

Phone Number (65) 8299 7382

Hashtag #temptpurvis

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