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SWISS : Lufthansa Group

As Switzerland’s national airline, SWISS represents the country’s traditional values and is committed to providing top-quality products and services. SWISS is part of the Lufthansa Group and a member of the Star Alliance, the largest network of airlines in the world. It runs flights from its hub, Zurich, and Geneva to more than 100 destinations in 50 countries worldwide, and operates scheduled services in Europe and to North America, South America, Africa and Asia.

Easy Check-in and Airport Check-In - Departure Process

I was able to check in quickly and there was no queue at Terminal 2 at Changi International Airport. Online check-in gave me the flexibility to obtain my online boarding pass in just a few steps and I was able to book, confirm and check-in for my flight on via automated check-in. SWISS sent me my boarding pass by email to print out or directly to your smartphone as a mobile boarding pass, which was being used to scan as a QR code at all the airport and gate access - super convenient! Love it!

SWISS Economy cabin interior

Every seat in Economy Class has its own screen on long-haul flights. A generous seat pitch and adjustable neck cushions ensured that I had a comfortable flight. We had our own personal, large 11" screen with touch screen on our Boeing 777-300ER and this was just simply amazing, and well configured for our comfort and needs. The new seat cushion technology and greater legroom provide maximum comfort and I could feel this benefit on my long haul flight from Singapore to Zurich, Switzerland, en-route to Vienna in Austria, a 13-hour flight with a stop-over in Zurich. A holder for drinks and one for my smartphone are new additions to the seat, which I also detected once on-board.

Entertainment on Demand

I have an entire bevy of choices and can choose from more than 200 films and 250 TV programmes. The very latest blockbusters, prize-winning documentaries and the most popular TV series was available for my choice. You can also listen to over 100 music playlists, CDs, podcasts and audiobooks. For their youngest passengers, they have a wide selection of children’s films, cartoons, computer games and the SWISS Kids music playlist to keep them entertained. They update their entertainment programme on a monthly basis. My comfort on this flight was intrinsically enhanced due to the high hospitality standard and benchmark, provided by the Economy class team leader Isabel and Caroline (aka Grobb Webber) who made sure I had enough SWISS chocolates :) amidst other lovely snacks and drinks on-board my flight.

SWISS Saveurs

SWISS has extended its award-winning culinary concept to most European flights from and to Switzerland in SWISS Economy. With SWISS Saveurs, SWISS offers a wide range of culinary delicacies for every palate on most flights. The new SWISS culinary concept on flights from Zurich and Geneva is a reflection of their commitment to serving their passengers an even greater selection of regional dishes. The selection includes a range of healthy alternatives prepared using regional ingredients and comes in sustainable packaging whenever possible. The range of fresh products has been created by Switzerland’s world-renowned, traditional family business, Confiserie Sprüngli. The culinary offer is complemented with a selection of snacks from famous Swiss brands. All products from the SWISS Saveurs menu are available for purchase on board flights of 50 minutes or more.

SWISS Saveurs brings you a selection of delicious dishes and snacks tailored to your personal preferences. All products have been chosen with the utmost care. SWISS Saveurs is not offered on very short flights of less than 50 minutes, but passengers continue to receive a complimentary bottle of SWISS Altitude 1150 mineral water and their famous SWISS chocolate on all flights.

With a focus on seasonal produce from Switzerland, through SWISS Saveurs, SWISS is elevating its culinary offer to an even higher level. And if you have special dietary needs or prefer a vegetarian diet, SWISS is happy to offer you a number of options. On all flights of 50 minutes or more, passengers can look forward to an outstanding product range that lives up to the highest SWISS standards.

About the SWISS brand partner - Confiserie Sprüngli

Founded in 1836 and now in its sixth generation, the family-owned business Confiserie Sprüngli has perfected the craft of making chocolate for more than 180 years. The recipes are secret, known only to a select few and passed down from one generation to the next. Not secret but just as impressive are their company values: Sprüngli only uses the finest ingredients while being mindful of natural resources, and is committed to fair production conditions and paying cocoa farmers fair wages.

Sprüngli is a pioneer in the art of Grand Cru chocolate, the rarest and purest of chocolates. Sprüngli’s Grand Cru chocolate is an authentic taste experience of the highest quality. For Sprüngli only the best is good enough, and it shows in its truffles, its vast variety of select chocolate bars and of course its Grand Cru pralines.

Complementing Sprüngli’s unmistakable chocolate creations, it also offers delicious cakes and pastries. Sprüngli is known for combining tradition with innovation, which has resulted in a number of timeless classics, including its famous range of Luxemburgerli. These airy macaroons are perfect for any occasion and are available in a variety of flavours. These refined flavours include genuine Bourbon vanilla, caramel with Fleur de Sel and champagne. These bite-sized delicacies convey what is possible when you blend century-old traditions with skill and creativity.

Sprüngli is represented in Switzerland with over 30 of its own shops, restaurants and cafés. Outside Switzerland you’ll also find Sprüngli in Vienna and Munich, but thanks to their collaboration with SWISS you can also now enjoy the specialities from Sprüngli around the globe.

Pure mineral water − SWISS Altitude 1150

With the introduction of SWISS Saveurs, you receive a complimentary bottle of refreshing mineral water on board every flight with SWISS. The alpine water from the Glarus region is produced exclusively for SWISS and comes in a distinctive design. SWISS offers you a bottle of its pure Swiss water, whether you’re travelling with SWISS to Vienna, Amsterdam, London or Madrid, because your wellbeing matters to SWISS. Even if you aren’t feeling hungry, it’s important to drink plenty of liquids when travelling. By the way, the name refers to the elevation of the Alpine spring where the water is sourced in the picturesque Glarus Alps: Altitude 1150. They thus combine two elements: the source of the spring and aviation.

AeroShark - inspired by Shark Skin

As of 14 October 2022, SWISS became the first airline in the world to deploy the innovative AeroSHARK technology on its passenger services. The transparent AeroSHARK film which has been applied to its aircraft’s fuselage and engine nacelles replicates the hydrodynamic skin of a shark to reduce aerodynamic drag and, as a result, lower both inflight fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

All twelve of their Boeing 777-300ER aircraft will successively have the innovative riblet film, which has been co-developed by Lufthansa Technik and chemicals and coatings manufacturer BASF, applied to their fuselage and engine nacelles. The resulting significant reduction in aerodynamic drag will make their fleet more than one per cent more fuel-efficient, and this in turn will substantially further reduce our carbon dioxide emissions.

The AeroSHARK film features millions of ‘riblets’ – small protrusions just 50 micrometres high – which replicate the highly hydrodynamic skin of sharks, and thus reduces an aircraft’s aerodynamic drag wherever it is applied.

Annual CO2 emission savings of up to 15,200 tonnes

By applying a total of 950 square metres of AeroSHARK riblet film to the fuselage and engine nacelle surfaces of a Boeing 777, fuel savings of some 1.1 per cent can be achieved. This will reduce their annual fuel consumption by over 4,800 tonnes and the total annual carbon dioxide emissions of their Boeing 777 fleet by up to 15,200 tonnes – the amount emitted respectively by some 87 long-haul flights from Zurich to Mumbai.

“Reducing its environmental footprint is one of the greatest challenges ahead for the aviation sector, and being carbon-neutral in our flying by 2050 is a key SWISS strategic objective,” says CEO Dieter Vranckx.

“We put a major emphasis at SWISS on actively promoting and making targeted investments in new technologies. And we’re delighted that, in becoming the world’s first passenger airline to use the innovative AeroSHARK technology, as we’ll be doing with our Boeing 777 fleet, we’ll now be making a further substantial contribution to ensuring more sustainable travel. We will successively install the new AeroSHARK riblet film on our Boeing 777 fleet from mid-2022 onwards. The work will be performed when each aircraft’s downtimes permit."

Carbon-neutral by 2050

The adoption of the new AeroSHARK technology is a key initiative in their broader endeavours to minimize their carbon dioxide emissions. It also underlines their commitment to promoting the use of innovative technologies. They have set themselves the objectives of halving their net CO2 emissions from their 2019 levels by 2030 and of making their business and operations carbon-neutral by 2050.

AeroSHARK is just one of the ways SWISS is striving to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions and make air travel more sustainable. Its further actions here include investing in sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), which is manufactured from biogenic waste and presently produces some 80 per cent less carbon dioxide than conventional kerosene. SWISS already uses SAF, and is promoting and supporting further research and trials in the field together with the Lufthansa Group. SWISS has set itself the goals of halving its net carbon dioxide emissions from their 2019 levels by 2030 and being entirely carbon-neutral by 2050. Indeed, a remarkable feat and truly a sustainable ESG-led initiative!

Miles & More

Miles & More is the biggest frequent flyer programme in Europe within the Lufthansa Group, so naturally SWISS falls under this category. I can earn miles on all my flights, and enjoy greater comforts and more advantages when I travel as a member.

Fill your mileage account even faster. No matter whether I am at a restaurant, shopping or in the online shop: I can pay for all my purchases with SWISS Miles & More credit cards. Every time I shall receive a credit of valuable miles. My miles will not expire if I use my cards regularly. In addition to miles, I can also earn points on my flights with SWISS and the entire Star Alliance. I can use them to achieve a frequent flyer status. The associated privileges will make my trip even more enjoyable, faster and more comfortable.

For more information on SWISS - please check out their site

For more information on Lufthansa - -please review their site

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