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Singapore Jewel Fest 2016


From 7th To 16th October, SJF16 Presents New Perspectives of Fine Gems and Jewels – From High Value Investable Gems; the Art of Design and Craftsmanship; and the Fashion of Jewel at the Iconic Jewel Pavilion at Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza on Orchard Road

SINGAPORE, 22 SEPTEMBER 2016 | Singapore JewelFest (SJF), Asia’s only curated exhibition of magnificent gems and stunning jewellery designs, has announced its full line-up of jewellers and jewellery pieces as the festival counts down the weeks leading up to its 14th edition.

Anticipating close to 30,000 visitors over the 10-day festival, the SJF16 kicks-off with a private curtain raiser on Thursday, 6th October with an unprecedented showcase of BALMAIN HAIR COUTURE styled with rare gems and jewels by Singapore’s renowned coiffeur, Vinn Wong of Action Hair Salon. With the theme “GLORY”, this is the first time that SJF showcases the versatility of fine jewels that can be transformed into beautiful headwear. The festival officially opens to the public on 7th October with Asia’s fast emerging designer label, FIZIWOO. With multiple fashion awards under their belt, the talented fashion designer duo from Malaysia, Mohd Hafizi Radzi Woo and Izree Kai Haffiz, will be premiering FIZIWOO’s latest Haute couture line showcasing impeccable artistry and craft in fashion paired with million-dollar and investable jewels.

Singapore JewelFest Presents Award-Winning Designers and Their Iconic Creations

For the first time, festival organisers have curated a selection of the finest award-winning designers from around the world for their customers. Incredible works of artistry, creativity and individual design philosophies from world-class designers, including homegrown talents, will be up for sale for shoppers in Singapore who are looking for exceptional and one-of-a-kind pieces.


Design and Award |The signature necklace of the Brillante collection was awarded the Couture Design Award (Gold Category) in 2013; and the signature bracelet from the same Brillante collection is currently on display at the Museum of Art and Design in New York. The award winning ring of cushion-cut Rubellite Tourmaline set at 11 o’clock in an eternity band of Emerald-cut Rubies and paveset Diamonds from the Eternitá capsule collection was recipient of the InDesign Award (Coloured Gemstone) 2016.

Designer and Brand | Established in 1993, fine jewellery designer and gemologist PAOLO COSTAGLI New York is celebrated for his bold, modern yet timeless designs. Paolo Costagli’s creativity and expertise in coloured gemstones make him one of the most original and sought after fine jewellery designers


Highlight Showcase | Award-winning Pieces PAOLO COSTAGLI NY debuts at SJF16 with a stellar showcase of the brand’s award-winning creations.

SCAVIA | ITALY Design and Awards | Since 1979 award-winning jewellery designer Fulvio Maria Scavia has been presented with 14 Diamond International Awards by De Beers.

Designer and Brand | Established in 1911, SCAVIA represents a school of international relevance and prestige within the world of top-class jewellery. As a winner of numerous international awards, Fulvio Maria Scavia designs his jewels with zealous perfectionism and maintains a constant pursuit of the highest quality standard for all his creations.

Highlight Showcase | Million Dollar Creation SCAVIA is showcasing the brand’s magnificent Gübelin certified Cobra Ring, intricately designed and cut to perfection, features a 9.79-carat cushion modified brilliant-cut Emerald, with brilliant-cut Diamonds in 18K White Gold.

Highlight Showcase | Artistry and Innovation MOISEIKIN is premiering its latest innovation, the Waltzing Brilliance collection, a graceful yet dynamic gemstone performance inspired by the modern Russian ballet. The Waltzing Brilliance Butterfly Ring of 5.035 carats Coloured Sapphire and 1.81 carats pear-shaped Tanzanite and Diamonds in 18K Gold features innovative rotation of the gemstones in its setting.

KAVANT & SHARART | THAILAND Design and Award | 2013 & 2014 Winner of Outstanding Greater China Design Awards 2014 Ten Outstanding Designer Award. Designer and Brand | The differences and dynamic distinctive styles between both owners, Nuttapon Yongkiettakul (Kenny) and Sharlinn Liew contribute greatly to the success of their new line, KAVANT & SHARART.

Kenny’s avant-garde style, his infinite love for nature (especially the sea) and his passion for pearls and organic forms and materials, are paired with Sharlinn’s fascination with the eclectic style of Art Deco and Oriental arts, inspiring her to infuse tradition with new life.

Highlight Showcase | Award-winning Piece KAVANT & SHARART is presenting their latest award winning Ombre Sapphire and Diamond Earrings in 18K White Gold in the SJF16. Wearable in 7 different ways, this innovative design is winner of the Couture 2016 Award for the Best Design debuting at Couture Las Vegas.

KAREN SUEN | HONG KONG Design and Award | 2013 & 2014 Winner of Outstanding Greater China Design Awards 2014 Ten Outstanding Designer Award Designer and Brand | With a worldwide recognition, KAREN SUEN features distinctive jewellery designs with exquisite craftsmanship focused on the highest quality gemstones. Every piece of KAREN SUEN jewellery is collectible art piece using the finest natural gems and diamonds that are versatile for everyday glamour as well as evening elegance.

Highlight Showcase | Million Dollar Creation KAREN SUEN has created a stunning million dollar showpiece for the festival’s showcase – a show-stopping 36.82-carat Paraiba Necklace set with 39.36 carats Diamond, mounted in Platinum worth USD 1.44 million.

CARATELL | SINGAPORE Design and Award | 2015 Winner of Creative ASEAN Jewellery Design Competition, awarded by ASEAN IPOS Office & European Union-ASEAN Project (ECAP III) 2015 The Golden Crown Winner of Singapore’s Luxury Jewellery Brand for Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2015 Asia 1993 Diamond International design competition award by Diamond Exchange & De Beers International.

Designer and Brand | Every creation by CARATELL is a fine work of jewel art – from the selection of the rare and exquisite gemstones, to the highly inspired conceptual designs and the relentless pursuit of innovation and perfection in craftsmanship.

Highlight Showcase | Million Dollar Creation Caretell has created a new benchmark for Singaporean jewellery designers with the creation of this world-class fine jewel premiering at the SJF16. Worth SGD 1.3 million, it profiles a highly rare 13.73-carat Afghan Emerald with coloured Sapphires, Tsavorites, White and Yellow Diamonds in 18K Yellow and White Gold.

SIMONE JEWELS | SINGAPORE Design and Award | 2015 Luxury Jewellery Brand of Singapore, awarded by Luxury Lifestyle Awards, 2016 & 2015 Top 10 Jewellery Designers by Singapore Jewels & Time Designer and Brand | Named as one of the top 10 jewellery designers in Singapore, SIMONE JEWELS is best known for its ‘one-of-a-kind’ wearable works of art amongst stylish women in Singapore. SIMONE JEWELS spins together the kaleidoscopic beauty of gems and a myriad of influences into an array of out-of-the-box designs, to encourage women to wear jewellery in more edgy and fashionable ways.

Highlight Showcase | Artistry and Innovation The value of SIMONE JEWELS’ jewel artistry is augmented in this Pleats Ring featuring a 7.97-carat Certified Unheated Tanzanite with 1.66 carats Diamonds in 18K White Gold.


Jewellery lovers will be astounded by the fine range of million dollar creations to be unveiled at this year’s festival.

Mouawad, a brand synonymous with artistic excellence and craftsmanship, will be making its world premiere of The Queen B Diamond Suite Collection worth SGD 1.873 million. The highlight of this collection is the versatile necklace which can be transformed into a bracelet. With a 19.37-carat pear-shaped briolette diamond as the centerpiece, accentuated with a total of 33.018 carats of round and fancy-cut diamonds, the stunning necklace is paired elegantly with a matching pair of earrings with 4.494 carats of diamonds and a ring with 8.41 carats of diamonds.

Vihari (Singapore) will be showcasing The Monarch Mirabella 490 ring featuring a 4.90-carat Fancy Intense Green Diamond, surrounded by 1.70 carats heart-shaped pink diamonds and 1.50 carats white diamonds. The rare and uncommonly large pure green diamond centre-stone is specially named and certified by GIA. and placed for auction by Sotheby’s in April 2014 at over USD 2.7 million.

Other million-dollar showcases include the USD 2 million necklace-cum-tiara design by Imperial Jewelry by Arisawa (Japan); SGD 1.1 million 5.53-carat heart-shaped centerpiece diamond necklace by Zydo (Italy); 2.21-carat Fancy Intense Green Diamond ring worth SGD 1.7 million by Moriya Diamond Boutique (Israel).


This year, a select few will have the unique opportunity to learn industry tips on rare gems directly from leading international gemological laboratory and academy, GÜBELIN.

From 12 noon to 6:20pm on the 13th and 14th of October and from 12 noon to 3:10pm on the 15th of October, GÜBELIN’s Chief Gemologist, Dr. Lore Kiefert, will be conducting personalised gem and jewellery consultations for a select few Singapore JewelFest guests. GÜBELIN’s expert consultation offers guests a preliminary verbal opinion on the value of their gemstones based on in-depth knowledge and detailed gem analysis.


The festival organisers will be opening up to members of the public to some of the most elegant events, for the first time this October. Limited invites can be secured through pre-registration on the Singapore JewelFest website ( from 15th August.

From insight into exceptionally rare gems and investable pieces, to a preview of the latest couture masterpieces, guests will have unparalleled access to both local and international jewellery designers as well as leading experts in the jewellery industry.

A Dazzling Array of Glitter and Glamorous Events Not to be Missed!

  • 7th of October, Friday | HAUTE The festival opens with Asia’s fast emerging, multiple award-winning designer label, FIZIWOO. This premier of FIZIWOO’s latest haute couture line will showcase impeccable artistry and craftsmanship in fashion aired with million-dollar and investable jewels

  • 10th of October, Monday | RARITY An evening for the appreciation of rare gems and jewels, SJF has collaborated with internationally renowned Gübelin Academy to bring jewellery collectors and lovers a presentation on the World’s Top 10 Rare Gems. A curated talk and runway showcase featuring 10 gemstones that have shown an increase in value over the decade – and hence their invest-ability by virtue of their declining supply and/or increasing global demand.

  • 11th of October, Tuesday | FLORA To celebrate 50 years of diplomacy between Singapore and Japan, SJF has partnered with IKEBANA INTERNATIONAL SINGAPORE to present traditional Japanese flower arrangements inspired by stunning pieces of artistry, design, and innovation from participating Singaporean and Japanese jewellery designers. The ikebana demonstration and unveiling of these floral creations high tea will take place in the afternoon on 11th of October.

  • 13th of October, Thursday | RAW-LUXE Find out what happens when high street fashion meets luxury gems. SJF’s exclusive collaboration with designer denim fashion label, G-STAR RAW will manifest “Raw-Luxe” in a specially curated runway show. The collaboration will be amongst the first in the fine jewellery world to juxtapose incredible jewellery pieces with designer street fashion.

  • 14th of October, Friday | STYLE MAC and SJF will teach you how to glam up your look with an interactive workshop pairing bright, bold make up looks with show-stopping coloured gems from the runway showcase of the Autumn/Winter 2016 looks.

  • 15th of October, Saturday | POWER An anticipated runway highlight is the unveiling of Singapore’s most celebrated designer, THOMAS WEE’s exclusive couture collection designed and tailored specially for Singapore JewelFest. Inspired by iconic and influential women from medieval period to the modern era, Thomas Wee will be celebrating the power, independence and resilience of women with his signature structured tailoring and definitely a once-in-alifetime runway show.

Events are by invitation or pre-registration only and are subject to availability. For event registration and a detailed calendar of events, please visit the official SJF16 website at

About Singapore JewelFest

The annual Singapore JewelFest was inaugurated in October 2003 to give jewellery lovers and collectors a special once a year occasion for the appreciation of fine jewels in a luxurious single destination, multiple brands jewellery shopping experience. The festival brings together the most discerning constellation of quality and iconic jewellery houses and designers in Singapore and around the world to showcase rare finds of gems and exclusive designs, limited editions and the latest jewellery styles in the mesmerizing shopping environment of the festival’s Jewel Pavilion.

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