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Si Chuan Dou Hua Kitchener

Nostalgic Dim Sum Feast at Si Chuan Dou Hua Kitchener Returns by Popular Demand

From 18 September till 31 December 2020 | Minimum of two to dine

Executive Chef Leung Wing Chung (执行广东主厨梁永祥师傅), together with his team of chefs, proudly presents the return of up to 40 fine-crafted dim sum items, Chef’s speciality premium dishes and desserts in a hearty dim sum feast that evokes a sense of nostalgia.

Expect all-new additions such as Minced Fish Dumpling in Superior Stock (鱼汤饺子皇), Stir-fried “You Mai” Vegetable with Silver Fish and Garlic (银鱼金蒜油麦菜), Double-boiled Gingko Nuts, Beancurd Skin and Millet (黄小米白果腐竹), and more. Other highlights include mainstays such as Steamed Vegetarian Dumpling with Black Truffle (松露上素饺), “Siew Mai” with Diced Abalone (鲍鱼仔烧卖), and Steamed Chicken Feet with Beancurd Skin (枝竹蒸凤爪).

We are natural suckers for ala-carte all you can eat dim sum buffets, order from the menu, and the food will be prepared piping hot and served fresh to your table. Welcome to the new normal of buffets!

Tuesdays to Thursdays (Lunch) SGD46++ per Adult

Fridays to Sundays, and Public Holidays (Lunch) SGD52++ Per Adult | Bundle offer at SGD188++ for 4 Adults

So we started off with the “One Serving only” items.

The 黄焖鲍鱼刺参汤 Braised Abalone and Spiky Sea Cucumber Soup was hearty, robust and full of flavours. Just like Grandma’s double boiled home cooked nourishing soups.

The 川粤大拼盘(烧鸭,烧肉,口水鸡,凉拌三丝)(Roasted Duck, Roasted Pork, Chong Qing Chilled Chicken with Spicy Bean Sauce, Assorted Shredded Carrot withAssorted Mushroom) was not too bad as well. The duck skin was crispy, the meat was moist and tender, roasted pork had a crackling sensation, and the chilled chicken was tender and juicy.

The 金枕辣椒大红虾Chilli Prawns served with Deep-fried Mantou reminded us of chilli crabs in a similar sauce with the mantou dipped into the tomato base gravy. Ooh…..

滨纷香果比目鱼Halibut Fillet in Passion Fruit Sauce with Fresh Fruit – This was deep fried to perfection and very crispy.

重庆辣子鸡“Chong Qing” Diced Chicken with Spicy Dried Chilli – The mala was very spicy and gave our palates a numbing effect. The kick gave us a tingling sensation on our taste buds but it was a very enjoyable dish.

银鱼金蒜油麦菜Stir-fried “You Mai” Vegetable with Silver Fish and Garlic – We don’t usually order stir fried vegetables when dining out. How difficult is it to stir fry it at home? The wait staff perusaded us to give it a try though, and we were pretty impressed with this rendition.

After maximising our “one serving only” allocation, we moved in on the dim sum items

松露上素饺Steamed Vegetarian Dumpling with Black Truffle

芫茜虾饺皇Prawn Dumpling with Coriander

鲍鱼仔烧卖“Siew Mai” with Diced Abalone

银鱼金蒜油麦菜Minced Fish Dumpling in Superior Stock

那些年烧腩卷Signature Pork Belly Roll with Yam

古法萝卜糕Stir-fried Carrot Cake

The barometer of any dim sum restaurant is the Har Gow and Siew Mai. If these bread and butter items are no good, there is no need to try the rest of the dishes on the menu. Both were brilliant executed and steamed to perfection. The prawns were fresh, crunchy, juicy and succulent and the skin was not too thick. It would definitely pair well with Champagne.

港式鹑蛋猪脚醋Braised Pig Shank and Quail Egg in Vinegar and Ginger – a popular confinement food. The collagen in the skin was so soft that it melted in our mouths and the meat was tender and juicy.

We were so full by now and sad to say, we failed in our bid to conquer all 40 items on the menu.

To round off the afternoon, we only ordered 2 out of the 10 dessert items on the menu.

黄小米白果腐竹Double-boiled Gingko Nuts, Beancurd Skin and Millet

枸杞甜豆花Homemade Bean Curd with Wolfberry

Very nutritious and healthy desserts indeed, and not too sweet.

Overall Verdict: An extremely value for money all-you-can-eat ala carte dim sum buffet for this amazing price. To benchmark this against other dim sum joints and ordering via the ala carte menu, with typical items costing $5-10 per dish, it is a no-brainer to opt for this.

Tip: Skip breakfast and go on an empty stomach to fill up and skip dinner. So you pay $46++ and have your 3 meals in a day covered. Really worth it, what more can we say…

Tuesdays to Thursdays (Lunch) SGD46++ per Adult

Fridays to Sundays, and Public Holidays (Lunch) SGD52++ Per Adult | Bundle offer at SGD188++ for 4 Adults

For dining reservations or enquiries, please call +65 6428 3170 or email us

Address: PARKROYAL Hotel, 181 Kitchener Road, Singapore 208533

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