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Plant-Based meat : BellyGood’s new ready-to-eat meals

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Impossible Foods and TungLok Group’s BellyGood launched an all-new line-up of Heat And Eat Meal Kits made using ImpossibleTM Beef Made From Plants, now available on BellyGood’s online store and RedMart.

BellyGood is a Halal-certified catering solution by the leading restaurant group, TungLok, and works with a team of award-winning chefs to craft delectable cuisines for all occasions. The Impossible x BellyGood platform features two delicious and convenient meals for busy home-chefs to enjoy that’s not only good for the plate but also our planet:

  • ImpossibleTM Meatloaf with Mushrooms and Onion Truffle Sauce ($21.31): A juicy meatloaf made with Impossible™ Beef topped with mushrooms and a generous drizzling with fragrant truffle and onion sauce; and

  • ImpossibleTM Meatballs with Classic Tomato Sauce ($21.31): A delicious homemade Italian-style tomato sauce with tasty Impossible Beef meatballs slow cooked to perfection.

Impossible Foods is on a mission to make plant-based meat accessible to everyone around the world, and BellyGood’s restaurant-quality meals are easy, tasty options that are nutritious and way better for the planet. A convenient option for that busy post-workday dinner –each meal serves 1 to 2 persons and is prepared easily, simply simmer in boiling water or reheat in the microwave to eat!

“We know how challenging it is to prepare nutritious, delicious meals as part of a busy schedule, so we’re incredibly excited work with BellyGood to create this line of convenient and sustainable ready-to-eat options that can show Singaporeans how easy it is to cook delicious plant-based meat at home,” said Laurent Stevenart, General Manager for Singapore & UAE, Impossible Foods. “Stay tuned for more to come – later this year we’ll be expanding the lineup to supermarkets and rolling out additional products and flavours in the ready-to-eat category.”

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