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New York-based PINE43 exclusively retails minimal women’s bags with kapok at NDC


Co­‐founders S. J. and Lindsey met in a New York Summer. Sharing many interests in art and design, they quickly became good friendsand together explored the rich culture that the city had to offer. Two living in New York asked themselves the question: how a person should exist in and interact with a city and what empowers them to live the way they want to? They travelled the world together, started a blog to communicate ideas, and finally took on one of the projects together which is now PINE43.

Lindsey has recently relocated to Singapore to develop the Asian market for PINE43. She spent six months in Marais, France where there are plenty of boutiques that carry unique, indie designers. There, she found inspiration to develop PINE43’s brand identity while exploring the retail scene. 43 represents the combined ages of S.J and Lindsey when they started the brand

Vol.1 – Floral

PINE43’s debut Vol.1 is a collection with three styles – Vase (tote), Petal (backpack) and Dew (crossbody). The simple and clean silhouettes are made of vegetable leathers, giving the bags a subtle sheen; using a special technique to enhance wearability, the vegetable leathers were re­‐tanned for color retention and water resistance. In addition, the interior is lined with lambskin, creating a soft touch inside out and a sense of delicacy.


kapok takes its name from the majestic emergent tree of the rainforest-­‐ the tallest in its ecosystem. Founded in 2006 in Hong Kong by Frenchman Arnault Castel, kapok provides a unique roof under which people can meet, be inspired and find a refreshing selection of niche lifestyle, fashion and jewellery brands.

Our mission is to discover and bring to Asia the “future classics” through presenting emerging exclusive creators and collaborating with distinctive, innovative brands and designers from all around the world.

kapok has grown into an internationally renowned brand with 7 stores around Hong Kong and Singapore, each location presenting a different theme and product selection. In Singapore, kapok has taken root at TANGS at Tang Plaza and its flagship at the National Design Centre.

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