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Naman Retreat - Danang

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Being • Consciousness • Bliss

This Naman Concept is the ultimate unchanging reality that always exists within every being in the universe. Providing a favorable setting for spiritual liberation through sounds of nature, scents, exotic flavours, and healing touches, Naman Retreat is a tranquil haven where you can indulge the sweet intimacy with your loved one, heavenly spa treatments, and magnificent natural scenery which lead you to sublime happiness.

An elegant sanctuary of peace and comfort, the rooms and villas are central to their guests’ journey towards bliss. Each room is designed to ensure total relaxation from their calming colors to the very best linens and bedding.

Whether you seek adventure, experience, culture or history, the Namantastic team can guide you through a wide range of activities: Yoga, hiking, biking, or beach meditation. Awaken your consciousness and explore the traditional Vietnamese skills of fishing, cocktail class or basket boating.

The moment you retreat into their free flowing, no wall sanctuary, you have entered a world of pure bliss. With 15 luxury treatment rooms, sauna, jacuzzi, yoga pavilion, Pure Spa envelops you in a healing and tranquil cocoon.

Rooms & Villas

There are 5 distinct room types and villas at Naman:

  • Babylon Room

  • Pool Villa

  • Garden Pool Villa

  • Beachfront Villa

  • Sunlit Suite

Babylon King Room

We had the fortune of staying in a Babylon King room and enjoyed the spaciousness, the feel, the space, the modernity and minimalism of the room. Minimalistic, modern and sophisticated, Babylon rooms meet the most essential needs for a complete vacation for families or couples. Covered by the green color from the hanging tree garden to the clear water of the outdoor swimming pool, you will completely immerse yourself in a calm, peaceful space, leaving behind all the pressure from the daily life.

Dining Options

5 unique food & beverage concepts await the visitor to Naman:-

  • Hay Hay

  • B Lounge

  • Sitini bar

  • Benaras Naman

  • Coffee Club

Hay Hay Restaurant

With impressive traditional bamboo architecture and magnificent interiors inspired by the architecture of the typical ancient Vietnamese house, combined with authentic Vietnamese cuisine, Hay Hay Restaurant assures you a wonderful dining experience in an exquisite heritage ambience. They are proud of the culinary heritage of Vietnam, drawing inspiration from traditional influence of Hanoi, the kitchens of the Imperial Citadel in Hue, and contemporary tastes of Ho Chi Minh City all combined with the very best local produce. We were pretty impressed with the presentation, taste, structure of the Vietnamese and Western dishes presented in the set menu - it exudes quality, finesse, traditional hues, umami and colour.

B Lounge

Their ultra-contemporary ambient vibes heat up as the evening cools down. Guests can dance, sway, groove or just relax as our resident music-meister or live entertainment creates an energetic atmosphere that completes our sophisticated lounge experience. For the complete culinary experience, they organize theme nights including Seafood Barbeque Night and Lobster Night for the indulgence of their guests and visitors.

Spa & Wellness

• Inspired by nature • Emerging in the middle of Naman Retreat as a peaceful ‘oasis’ with a unique wallless architecture, Pure Spa is a tranquil 'sanctuary' to heal, to find the source of positive energy. Combining natural energy with state-of-the-art technologies such as OxyJet or colon detoxification, Pure Spa owns the most advanced equipment in the country and the region to ensure optimum results for your comprehensive health. In addition, Pure Spa is also equipped with 15 luxury spa rooms, Jacuzzi baths, sauna and steam baths, fitness rooms, yoga room. Step into the enchanting and unbound Pure Spa and you have entered a world of perfect bliss.

Yoga & meditation class With multiple choices and unlimited participation in Naman Retreat’s daily Yoga and Meditation classes, you will learn how to awaken internal energy and use it to heal body, mind, and soul under the guidance of experienced experts. Detox program The Detox journey package stimulates the regeneration and removal of “”toxins”” in your body and mind. At the same time, you will be provided with healthy “”nutrition”” from whole foods as well as mental therapy throughout the program.

Spa services Enjoy the variety of Pure Spa treatments, from traditional Naman massages to shiatsu-style (Japanese-style massage treatments), and pampering with a holistic approach to body, healing therapies, or designing your itinerary.

Wellness & destress journey Awaken senses through our unique healing spa treatments, this program allows you to shake off all stress to unwind your body and mind, returning you the positive energy to welcome a "new you" with pure happiness.

Our professionals Giri - Yoga Master With the certificates of Refresh Yoga Teacher in Nepal, Yoga Training in India, Meditation, Ayurvedic, Nutrition and 16 years of experience entirely in training Yoga especially in Luxury Hotels & Resorts, Yoga Master Giri can teach different types of yoga and meditation according to your needs. Here, we capture a nice portrait with Giri and Vy, the Spa Manager of Naman Retreat!

Retreat Environment - Environs and Beach

We had a good relaxing time to walk around the retreat, to appreciate the lush greenery and vegetation, painstakingly manicured by the housekeeping and maintenance team, along with the lovely swimming pool and beach frontage of Naman Retreat; truly an awe-inspiring resort, where your senses come alive, refreshed and well rejuvenated!


Situated on the picturesque white sands beach midway between the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hoi An Ancient Town and Danang, Naman Retreat is the Central Coast’s pinnacle of architecture and luxury.

Contact Details

Naman Retreat

Truong Sa Street, Ngu Hanh Son District, Da Nang City

(+84) 236 3959 888

Contact for sale support

(+84) 918966274

Pure Spa

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