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Meal Belly: Green Caviar, Superfood of the Oceans

Updated: Dec 5, 2020


SINGAPORE, DECEMBER 2016 – Singaporean gourmet ingredient retailer Meal Belly introduces its flagship product, the Green Caviar on its e-commerce platform at Also known as ‘Caulerpa Lentillifera’ or ‘sea grapes’, it is a type of seaweed that looks like little “grapes”.

Green caviar is predominantly harvested in the waters of Okinawa, Japan for centuries and served in pubs and restaurants across Japan. Being high in minerals but low in calories, green caviar is considered by Okinawan residents to be “longevity seaweed”.

Due to its increasing popularity over the years due to its health benefits as a superfood, the farmers of Vietnam have also cultivated a farming model to harvest green caviar and this delightful gourmet ingredient has found its way to Singapore and the plates of common households through Meal Belly.

The benefits of green caviar include the following:

  • Strengthens Bones & Joints

  • Strengthens Eyesight & the Heart

  • Prevents Hypertension & Diabetes

  • Prevents Constipation

  • Prevents Goiter

  • Helps Generate Beautiful Skin & Silky Hair

  • Helps Prevent Obesity

  • Contains fucoidan – a natural food compound that has a proven potential to eliminate cancer and disease-causing cells

Dirisa Tan, Founder of Meal Belly, was so taken with the luscious taste of the ocean after discovering green caviar for the first time that she decided to bring it into the kitchens of Singaporean homes and service the increasing demographic of health-conscious individuals and families.

Before Meal Belly, this superfood ingredient was associated with a hefty price tag – being only available through international online retailers. Meal Belly overcomes the high costs and the long, international delivery duration through involvement in every step of the production process: farming, inspection, packaging, delivery and storage. As such, the prices are kept lean and accessible for most consumers.

“The magic of green caviar, other than its great health benefits, is that it can be eaten in any way you like – as a snack that goes with your beer, as a topping for your poke bowl, or as a great addition to your salad,” said Dirisa. “The preparation process is effortless – simply Rinse, Soak and Serve! And most importantly, this gourmet ingredient is now also affordable for everyone’s kitchen.”

Prices begin from $12 (U.P.$18) for 5 servings (100g) of green caviar. This flagship goodness is now available for sale at


Meal Belly is an online retailer specialising in quality gourmet ingredients and pioneers its flagship product, the Green Caviar, through its e-commerce platform at Founded in September 2016 by Dirisa Tan for her love of gourmet, Meal Belly is a dream ripe for the picking – a dream that is realised for her mission to fill bellies with happy, wholesome foods.

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