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Kita Food Festival 2023 - featuring Matt Stone (Mosey On Inn) x Peter Smit (Underdog Inn)

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

As part of the larger Kita Food Festival in Singapore, 2 amazing Australia’s hottest in-the-moment chefs: Matt Stone, lauded as the Antipodes’ most sustainable chef, and Peter Smit, the chef of nose-to-tail hotspot Underdog Inn, were brought in exclusively, for a wonderful evening of sustainable-based cuisine. For two nights only, on October 20 and 21 2023, the tattooed twosome cooked together at grungy Amoy Street restaurant, Underdog Inn.

Drawing inspiration from Australian native ingredients and the country’s natural beauty, Matt Stone’s cooking revolves around striving to minimize waste and employ creative methods to get the most from every ingredient – a skill he honed during his time working on the acclaimed Futurefoodsystem project in Melbourne. A bird of the same feather, Peter Smit aims to utilise every part of the animal he is cooking, with a special focus on the often discarded or superfluous offcuts.

Together, they formed a formidable pair dishing out our awesome meal for the evening...

We sampled the crocodile toast, garum and chilli, and then the chicken skin terrine, mackeral nduda, fried globe artichoke and stracciatella, and it tasted super awesome!

Next, we tasted the seawood cured roo tartare followed by the vertical ocean prawn crudo, cucumber and jalapeno, so yummy!

This was then followed by the pork liver sausage, smoked bear, squid bolognese, and then came along the pork tongue melangé nicely with green sauce (that Nadia loved so much) and sourdough vegemite. Included in our tasting portion was lamb, shitake, Cameron Highlands asparagus (the uniqueness displayed as part of the thematic origins as part of the entire food festival), then pork and kohl rabi, griller kraut, and this paved the way for the next dish, bulls heart, tomoto, fig and farmers cheese. For dessert, we tried the koji rice pudding, mangosteen and passionfruit, to end off a fantastic evening!

Executive Chef Pete Smit (Australia) and his team showcases their bold take on open-fire gastronomy. With this menu, minimal waste is creatively enforced as they practice whole animal butchery. This gives way to a rather extensive daily Specials menu, on which you might find house-made sausages, green lip mussels, confit duck and other atypical eats. And of course, the main menu of cuts from land and sea will always be ready to fire. Underdog is a celebration of counterculture & the successes of those who have raised the bar socially & artistically. Born of struggle and forged out of belief, hope and a unique viewing platform of the world as it passes by, Underdog evokes the feeling of a New York Tavern enveloped by its surroundings and the relentless concrete jungle.

Event Details on October 20 & 21, 2023

Matt Stone (Mosey On Inn, Australia) x Peter Smit (Underdog Inn, Singapore)

Underdog Inn, Singapore

01-03 115 Amoy Street, Gemmill Ln, Along, Singapore 069935

SGD 150.00 per person, inclusive of GST and Service Charge

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